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I'm selling some used trolling equipment I have, I want to buy new down riggers this winter so I'm looking to sell some of my older stuff to try and offset the cost.
PM me if you are interested.
Euclid area, pickup only, cash only.

Thanks for looking!

1. Happy Troller trolling plate.

I modified this because it started to bend at the breakaway safety feature.
So now it would not breakaway with the reinforcing that I added.
It works great, I used it for about 15 years, you just need to remember to lift the plate before you increase your RPM's or you will damage your drive.

2. Two Walker electric down riggers with mounting bases.
$50.00 each
They work OK but just too slow for me.
Does not have auto stop as far as I know.

3. Cannon manual planer board mast with base.

4. Cannon manual down riggers - Uni Troll 6
Great starter riggers if you are looking for a set.
$75.00 each.

5. Cannon Mag 10HS electric riggers with auto stop.
$125.00. each

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Cannon electrics have sold.
Still for sale are the Cannon manual planer board mast and
the Happy Troller.
I also have a fixed mount kicker motor braket if anyone is interested.
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