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  1. Looking to buy a deep cycle battery for my bow mount troller. Currently have one that serves as my starter battery as well as my troller battery. Often drained when I need it so...... Need a heads up on a decent battery and who has the best prices.

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    I have been using EverStart deep cycles from WalMart. They usually cost 60 to 70 dollars. So far they have been very good. I would recomend that you get one with at least 105 amp hours. I would also recomend that you not use your cranking battery for the trolling motor. The constant discharge recharge will greatly reduce its life, espescially if you run it all the way dead alot. A deep cycle will also run a trolling motor 2 to 3 times as long as a cranking battery.
    You can also save a couple of bucks by taking an old "dead" battery in for a core exchange.
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    Another vote for Everstart
  5. Sounds good that Everstart is being mentioned since I just bought one today for my set up. First boat etc etc, nice to know I made a somewhat decent choice even if it was by chance. $46.47 for the battery and $9.00 core fee with no trade in, deep cell for the trolling motor. Spent another $18 on a charger as well on advice from the guy I bought the boat from.
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    Everstart vote here, can't beat the quality or the price!
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    Another everstart vote. I believe they are made by Exide.
  8. Well then it's Anonymous! Everstart it is! Have looked at them but didn't know if it would last with the drain and recharge. Thanks for all the input and certimonials fellas.

    My pops told me with a deep cycle you should always let it drain til it wont do what you want it to, before you recharge. Is that good advise? Like a cordless tool battery? Will it get charge memorations?


    PS Hehehe (is that spelld write?)
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    I always charge my batteries after every use, even if there's some juice left. I trickle charge them also, 2 amps. It takes a while, but you'll get more bang for your buck in the long run.
  10. Great Site!! Thanks, Freyed, for the info. I used to work on RV's at Duncans Trailer sales.