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Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by paul r, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. i am not to smart on these computers but could anyone help me remove a trojan horse that keeps coming up on my spyware i run a scan and it detects it and i click on remove spyware and it tells me that it is gone but a couple minutes later a box comes up that says a trojan horse is trying to install i click on do not allow and it seems to go away but a little while later the same thing happens on the spyware scan it comes up as. (trojan.smit fraud. my spyware says it is a regeistery key when the box that pops and says it it is trying to install it shows trojan.intell32 if any one can help i would appreceiate ie.
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    Oops, thought this was about something else.
  4. Ok try this. Restart in safe mode. To do this you will restart your pc and as it is restarting, keep hitting f8 until you come to a screen that has a few options for you to start in safe mode. Well choose safe mode without networking. Next your screen will go funny on you and may even scare you. Don't worry, thats normal. Click ok on the next screen that pops up, then it will bring you to the window that has everybodys account on it for them to click on to get to their account. You will have one more account there now that doesn't show when not run in safe mode called administration (sp?), click on it. Now find where on your pc this Trojan is and manually remove it. After you remove it run everything, like spyware software (what do you use? Try this I use this and it works pretty good.), antivirus software, and anything else you have to help protect your pc. Once all thats done, you will restart your pc once more, but let it load like normal this time. I believe this will fix it. If you don't have any antivirus software, I strongly suggest you run out and get one. A Trojan is something that you should be using antivirus software on. I aint sure that a spyware program can get it. Trojans are more considered a virus and not spyware. It can and sometime does help in ways that spyware does, but is after bigger, better things than just what kind of sites you visit.
    It is looking for personnal info on you pc, plus opens doors for other viruses, hackers, and other dangerous programs. I wish you luck if you aint got a antivirus.