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  1. I am looking at a new Triton DV 176 Sport :) . Has anyone had any experience with this model or another Triton model? :confused:
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    Have had a "Toon" since 98 and has been a great rig! I have put it through some serious abuse...Lake Erie....and still going strong. It has been back to the factory for some repairs.....self inflicted.... and the staff a "Toon" has always taken care of all my concerns without spending a dime!!! Go to and go to the message boards, click on triton and you'll get alot of questions answered there. Alot of good reading and information!

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    Cranbeery Creek Marina had an in water boat show last weekend up on Erie. The Triton and Evenrude factory reps were there.

    Cranberry has the boat you are looking at and many more of both the aluminum and fiberglass models. The best part is you can take em out for a ride on Erie to help you make your decision.

    Give Bob a call at Cranberry, 419-433-3932.
  4. I think Cranberry only has the 186 in stock but could be wrong. This is a sweet rig. The 176 should be very similar.

    Chris or Tim can be helpful too if Bob is not available.
  5. Appreciate the responses. :) I had E-mailed Cranberry but never got a response. :( Sure would have liked to been there when the factory reps were there. Thanks also for the link to bassboatcentral. I will definitely check it out. :D Mactackle thanks you for your personal experience with your "toon" , I hope to be :T soon.
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    Tritons are awesome!!! We just picked up our new TR-19 (19 foot bass boat) and all I can say is WOW. This boat has everything you could imagine on a bass boat and plenty more to go around. The boat runs and handles excellantly. You will be glad if you get a triton! Good Luck!!
  7. Go to walleye and then go to the boats and motors sections. Do a search on Triton. 2 guys have had major difficulty getting hull cracks repaired on fairly new boats.