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  1. I was at the Dayton Boat Show this past weekend and fell in love with the new TRITON 18 eXplorer. Anyone else see this package? What a fantastic boat and price. Seriously considering trading my 05' Nitro 750 on it. Any TRITON owners out there have any feedback on their TRITON experience?
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    I bought one this fall with 115 opti, minn kkota max 80, two 520 c lowrance gps/graph, keel guard and cover.

    I was getting 49.5 with a 19-inch laser II, but have switched to 21-inch which i have yet to test.

  3. Thanks for the info.

    Do you know the price difference between the 90 and 115? I think the 90 is going to be under powered for nearly 19' of boat. I run 46-47 mph with my 90 on my 17'6" Nitro. Speed is not my goal, I just want the best performance match.

    TRITON has put together a great package with the EXplorer Series, plus they have a great reputation for quality. Not knocking Nitro but the boat I was looking at was longer, had more features and a better quality trailer for slightly more than I paid for my Nitro 3 years ago.
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  5. i had a real bad time with triton on my boat 2070sc it took two years to fix but it also had to do with the dealer i believe
  6. Whatever it is, I'm sure it would be worth every penny.

    The hull weighs 1200#. Add a 400# motor, all your gear, two people, and a full tank of gas, and you're probably looking at around 2300 pounds.

    That's a lot to ask of a 90 hp motor.
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    I have a 2000 TR186DC with a 115HP Johnson that I bought new in 2000. The only problem I have had with it was I had to have the Tach replaced twice in it. Other then that I have loved this boat. No problem with the boat or the motor. It will run around 48 to 50 MPH, but I have not done anything to help increase speed. Still has the same 3 blade prop that came on the engine. Speed has never been a factor for me. Overall this boat has been a great experience for me
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    I think the price difference between the 90 carb and 115 opti was about 1,200 1,500.

    I took the boat out with the 90 (not sure what prop), two people, nearly empty gas tank and it ran around 35.

    Somewhere around 53 is possible with the 115.

    I really love my boat, but please take note that the standard trailer for the Explorer 18 does not have brakes. The total towed weight could create some dangerous conditions if one is not aware of this or under extreme panic braking.

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    Still in serious negotiations with the wife!

    I appreciate all of the feedback. I agree that the 115 would be a far better match than the 90.

    I sure am tired of Winter!!!!!!!