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Trip to Indian Lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CamdenGizzard, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. CamdenGizzard

    CamdenGizzard Elroderator

    about 50-60 Total fish. 35 kept. Fish kept were (6) 7-8" bluegill (20) 9-13" crappie and 4 cats. I fished Saturday night and got the cats, caught a ton of them too just threw them back. The rest of the fish were caught Sunday morning on a orange creamcicle colored swimmin' minnow. Had a blast and cant wait to do it again. in my 14 ft alum Jon boat! HA
  2. Sounds like you had quite a few days. I am heading down to the lake on July 3rd and taking my 17ft bass boat :)T ), I know sounds funny trollin in a bass boat, any way, my father and I will get some fishing in on Thursday and Friday before the yahoo's get there to party.
    Were they scattered through out the lake? Last time I heard the gills were in the pads over at Blackhawk.
    Good job on the fish! The bluegills never seem to quit amazing me the amount I hear taken out every year and there always seems to more the next year! Same with crappie.
    Great job fishing!!!

  3. Trollinloser:

    July 3 should be an excellent saugeye trolling time. 3 weeks ago,i wouldn't have said that. The water temp was skyrocking. Now it's back around 69 degrees in the main lake. I've got that week off of work so I'll be up there in the mornings.

    CJ: Congrats on your haul,should be some good eats!!! I couldn't keep the catfish from tearing the cranks that I was trolling.

    We used to do pretty good on some big gills over by the Tilton Hilton-pads and on the rocky bank/brush.
  4. CamdenGizzard

    CamdenGizzard Elroderator

    I'll get back to you on the spots I fished, I'll have to get my map out of the boat dont remember the names. This was the first time I fished the lake. Seemed to be a ton of people trolling the lake, guess it works.
  5. Saugmon: If it wasn't for last year when we were trollin the lake for saugeye, I wouldn't have thought that catfish would bite on a crankbait going 2mph in the water. Most people would say that is ridiculous, a catfish is not that agressive, well I have proved them wrong.
    It was actually a funny story, I was trollin a rapala 5 joint firetiger and I got hit, I though it was a big saugeye. I reeled him in and he was puttin up a good ol fight and my cousin thought I have a big eater saugeye, so he got the net. When he saw it was a catfish about a 6lber, he said "you can get that yourself, it's not even a saugeye:p ;) So a gracefully hauled him in. That changed my mind about catfish be dormant bottom feeders!:rolleyes:
  6. By the way, I have a silver flaked gel coated Champion bass boat with a yammy 150, the hull is red black striped and the bottom of the hull is all black. Maybe we'll run into each other.;)
  7. With that last front moving in,not even the catfish are hitting, LOL. I didn't even bother going out this morning. I will be out there tomorrow. I still have the rest of this week and next week off from work.

    Some say if you catch catfish trolling,then you're going too slow. I keep my boat at 3 mph and still get them. You can normally tell a catfish is hooked by the constant tip going up and down while reeling in-a much better fight than a saugeye twice its size. Saugeye tend to bend the rod and follow to the boat until they are close,then fight. Lately,some of these cats are acting like saugeye.

    Hopefully I'll see you up there-it's hard to miss my boat. PM me when that date gets near.:T
  8. My dad was fishing this morning. He was trolling rattletraps and husky jerks. He caught 5. Knowing him he was probally trollin moundwood and dream bridge area. Best fish was 19.