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  1. For the past 4 years, we have gone to Ontario fishing for a week in June. With the dollar trading badly and prices continuing to rise, we thought maybe we would hit Wisconsin this year. We would still have a 10-12 hour drive, but avoid some headaches. We could keep our $$ in the US, too. We have been Walleye fishing, but would like to mix in some Smallies.

    What materials do you use to find new places to fish that are far away? We knew groups that went to Ontario, so that was easy. The internet is OK, but everyone is trying to "sell" the fishing in their area for the tourism dollars. Any source or place you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. We go to Wisconsin (Eagle River) every year in search of walleye and muskie.

    I can tell you that bass are out of season until the Saturday closest to the 20th of June.

    The "bad" part of fishing there (if there was ever anything bad) is that you are allowed to keep 5 walleye a day BUT EVERY LAKE HAS ITS OWN REGS. ie: On lake A you may be allowed to keep 3 walleye but only 1 over 14 inches and none over 20. Lake B keep 2 walleye no size limit. Lake C keep 5, none between 14-20 one over 20. The good part about this that there are so many lakes you can get your limit on 1 and be fishing on another in 10 minutes.

    As far as the bass, let me do a little checking in some of my books and I will let you know some good lakes. That is if you want to go that far north.

    Usually takes us between 11-12 hours to get there.

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    For some awesome smallie fishing in june, check out the Buffalo area on lake erie. Walleye may not be great but the smallies are huge.
  4. Thanks guys.

    Weatherby, Are you allowed to fish for smallies at all prior to June 20 or just not keep any? I have looked at 2 areas so far. Eagle River area is one and the other is Hayward Lakes. I am interested in any info/resources you can give.
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    The St. Lawrence NY (thousand island area) is awesome anytime MAY-JULY

    Multi specie and very user freindly.
    Great state camping facilities and tons of boat ramps scattered which prevent long boat runs.

    Also lots of nice smaller lakes withing 20 min. if the conditions in the bay are too ruff. PM me for more details
  6. From the Wisconsin DNR website.

    Anything above highway 10 is the Northern zone. Also no trolling allowed.

    Northern Zone (catch and release) - First Saturday in May through the Friday preceding the third Saturday in June.

    Harvest - Third Saturday in June through the first Sunday in March of the following year.

    Below are the lakes in the 2 counties we go to most often (Oneida, and Vilas)
    All have smallmouth and walleye.

    Big Muskellunge

    Moen There are 5 lakes on the Moen chain. All can be fished without leaving the boat.

    Now you can do a little research and find some more about the lakes, places to stay etc.

    One thing I will warn you about if you've never been to Northern Wisconsin, the boat ramps (if thats what you want to call them) are mostly gravel roads that dead end into the lake. No docks etc. but we have never had a problem launching, or leaving.

    If I can help anymore just let me know.
  7. I have spent some time on the DNR site. I read the no trolling law. WOW! Before reading the site, I had heard that you couldn't troll for Muskies. Now I realize it means no trolling. We will have to re-think our fish finding methods. Pulling rapalas behind the boat has always been our fish finding method.

    I appreciate your time. I will hit the research and let you know if I have more questions.

    NE Erie and St. Lawrence regions are things I hadn't thought about, they are as close. Thanks to all of you and keep the ideas rolling.:D
  8. In my limited experience fishing for pike and muskies in Canada we rarely trolled. We by far did the best cruising along the shore line at only trolling speed and would cast and retrieve spoons or spinners near weed beds, docks, or other such structures. When we would get a follow or a hookup we'd hang around that area for a while and keep casting it untill it no longer produced anything. We had great success with this method and still managed to cover a lot of water.
  9. If you are considering northern Wisconsin but want to be able to troll all you want, you should consider the Iron County / Dickinson County area of Michigan's Upper Penninsula. I spent a couple summers up there and can't think of a more beautiful area for the outdoorsman and family. There are at least a hundred or more lakes of various sizes, as well as miles and miles of rivers and streams. Literally, you have access to everything from blue ribbon trout streams to big, deep lakes with trophy musky, smallies, walleyes, and lake trout. Little Bay De Noc isn't far, and Green Bay is about the same. There are lots of options for places to stay from resorts to campgrounds, including a state park and national forest campgrounds. I lived one summer at a ski resort; very nice accomadations for reasonable summer rates. The Crystal Falls area is my idea of heaven.