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I haven't posted too much lately. I have still been getting out, but the action has been as spotty as the scattered storms we have been having. I had a trip last Wednesday that was slow action most of the day other than the 19 that nailed my spinnerbait.

I went to a new flow for me today. We put in at ODNR launch #3. That low number lets you know we were in some skinny water. That upper fork was really small, but there was plenty of water to float, and it was the perfect color. Trouble started around the first bend when we had to sneak under a tree. Around the next bend, there was about 20 feet of logjam with steep, muddy banks of poison ivy. We had to turn around and reload the car.

Dave was smart and had us just set them loaded upright on the roof rack and hop down the river a few miles. When we got back in below the confluence of the upper forks, there was a LOT more water, but it was now pretty stained. I managed to catch a few bass, biggest was 15, and missed a few more, including a big boil. The fish weren't active, and some barely got hooked on the spinnerbait trailer hook.

It was a nice float which seemed to have some big smallie potential. I hope to float it soon when the water clears a touch.
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