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My first post,

I have at 25 ft glasstron that is having issues with the trim tabs.

Trim Master is the make I found out they were out of business. I was looking for a wiring diagram.


Tom T

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Trimmaster has gone out of business. But I think I can help you troubleshoot. The systems are quite similar in function and the basic troubleshooting we use for a Bennett system can be applied to Trimmaster. The wiring colors are different. Below you will find the Bennett – Trimmaster wiring color codes.

Below that you will find Bennett Troubleshooting. If you change the color code in the Bennett troubleshooting you should be able to locate the fault in the system.

If the pump unit is faulty you may be able to find a replacement from a dealer who may have some leftovers. If you cannot locate a Trimmaster pump, a Bennett pump may be substituted using the same wire color conversion. You will also need a new bracket for the Bennett pump; we have a small conversion kit with that bracket and a few other parts to make the installation a bit easier. It can be sent out at no charge if you need it.

I hope this helps,

Tom McGow
Bennett Marine

Trim Master Bennett

Positive Orange Orange

Motor Forward Red Blue

Motor Reverse Yellow Yellow

Solenoid Port Green Red

Solenoid Starboard White Green

Ground Black Black

Bennett Troubleshooting:

Fluid: Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) any type. Hydraulic Power Unit is self bleeding, running the Trim Tabs up and down 3-4 times will purge air from the system.

Fuse: 12 volt system use 20 amp in-line fuse on positive. (24v & 32v use proportionately smaller)

Red= Port Valve
Green= Starboard Valve
Blue=Motor Forward (pump pressure)
Yellow= Motor Reverse (pump retract)
Black on HPU=Ground
Orange on Helm=Control Positive

1.If one side is not operating reverse hydraulic lines on the front of the Hydraulic Power Unit to determine if the malfunction is in HPU or actuator / hydraulic lines. If after reversing the lines symptom shifts to the other side the malfunction may exist in HPU. If the symptom remains on the same side, malfunction may exist with the actuator / hydraulic lines

2. Is the unit receiving a solid 12 volts? Low voltage will some times cause the solenoids to not open preventing the tabs from moving even though the pump motor is running.

3. Conduct the following test:
Remove the wires from the helm control and touch together as follows:
Orange (+), blue, red= Port trim tab down
Orange (+), blue, green=Starboard trim tab down
Orange (+), blue, red, green= Both trim tabs down
Orange (+), yellow, red= Port trim tab up
Orange (+), yellow, green=Starboard trim tab up
Orange (+), yellow, red, green= Both trim tabs up
If the trim tabs function correctly for each wire grouping then the switch is at fault. Also note that any loose or missing screws on the back of the switch (whether a wire is connected there or not) can cause the pump to malfunction.
This test may also be done right at the pump by substituting a "hot lead" for orange. There is usually a connector to the wire harness within a foot or so of the pump. You want to check this connection for corrosion. You may wish to cut the connector off on the pump side and try the test on bare wires.

4. If you suspect corrosion on the wire connector near the pump, cut it out, test as above and reconnect using butt splices.
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