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Trim tabs for fishmaster 196

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by muzzy123, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. 20160915_102022.jpg 20160915_102034.jpg I'm looking to install trim tabs on my Fishmaster soon. I'm thinking of going with the bennett m80 tabs. I have a kicker on the port side and a swim ladder on the starboard side. I mocked up a tab made of carb board from the dimensions if got from Bennett. From my measurements I should be able to install the tabs 3 inches away from the chines on the boat. I would have to notch out the swim ladder in order to fit the actuator on that side. I should be able to do that with a dremel. I'm looking for pics of your install or suggestions for my boat. Thanks
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  2. depending on the size of the tabs you get the disturbance may affect your transducer and speedo if your tabs are down. You may want to talk to Bennett and get there suggestions as well.

  3. Try to keep the transducer 3-4" from the Tab. The small down fins on the M80 help limit the spray and turbulence thrown out the sides so the "play nice" with transducers :)

    Tom McGow
    Bennett Marine
  4. Tabman, are there any other options other than the short actuators so I wouldn't have to notch out the swim platform? My issue is that I have more room on starboard side than the port side. My kicker motor limits how far I can mount the tabs inward. To match the distance on the other side makes the top of the actuator land right where the swim platform mounts to the boat.
  5. I don't have a better pic right now but here is mine. I had the tabs on before the kicker so the kicker just went right next to them. You'll have to cut out a part of the swim platform for the top of the actuator. Mine are just inside the chine and perform great. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1474056150.982359.jpg ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1474056440.690278.jpg

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  6. You want to mount them outboard like the pictures above. If they are in the location above how much clearance to the swim platform do you have?

    We have a new BOLT electric 9" side to side x 12" fore to aft that only needs about 7" . Perpendicular to the hull bottom.

    Bennett Marine
  7. Thanks Pelagic, that's what I was looking for.

    Tabman, I would like to mount them just like the pics above. 10" would clear the swim platform so the bolts would clear easily.
    Is there any main difference between the two other than one being electric and the other hydraulic? Thanks.
  8. I am on the road today, so I will post some drawings of the BOLT electric 9x12s tomorrow so you can see them.

    They are easier to install and they have a lifetime warranty on the actuators.

    We connect the actuators at the tailing edge of the tabs to reduce the mounting height.

    The edges of the tabs are bent up 1". I will post more info tomorrow when I get home.


    Bennett Marine
  9. Kwall


    I put Lenco on mine , there small but work great , I have a 2000 pro Starweld

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  10. Here is a drawing for the 9x12 BOLT electric Tab,

    BOLT912ED – List $560.00 you will need to also purchase a control / indicator.

    It is a new size for us in the BOLT electric Tabs, so dealers would likely not have them in stock yet and have to order it.

    Tom McGow
    Bennett Marine
  11. Thanks for the drawing Tabman. Will the 12x9 Bolt tabs have the same mounting height as the M80's then? will the BCI8700 switch work with the electric tabs?. I did not see this switch on your website but have found it on others and it says it is for the Bolt tabs. I just want to make sure before I place and order. Thanks
  12. There is no BCI8700, it's BCI8000 and it's on the page I linked above. And it's for the BOLT systems.

    The "standard" 12 x 9 BOLT Part Number BOLT129 Tabs will require quite a bit more height than the M80.

    The 9x12 Part Number BOLT912ED pictured above will need less height than the M80.

    Let me know hat you think,
  13. Correct switch but somehow they are using the wrong part number? Must be their number not ours.

    Bennett Marine
  14. Ok, Thanks. Should I contact them to order me a set or can I order them direct from you guys?
  15. We don't sell direct so you need to buy through a dealer. As I mentioned the BOLT912ED is a brand new product so it likely not show up on their list of Bennett products and they may have to contact us or a distributor to special order it.

    Bennett Marine
  16. I installed the Bennett BOLT 912ED tabs on my boat. I was finally able to try them out and WOW, what a difference they make. My boat feels like a totally different boat now. We were shocked at how much they improved the ride.

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  17. Great to hear!

    Bennett Marine
  18. Its amazing how different these boats ride with vs without.
  19. I'm wanting to put trim tabs on my 2050 stx. How do I find out what size?
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