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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by srcasticman, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I'm thinking about buying one of those trigger releases that attach to your wrist. My question is can i use that without having a hook and loop on my compound bow, or do i have to have a loop? Thanks.
  2. There's other reasons to shoot with a D-Loop. I tried and didn't care for it.

    I have a Scotto Little -bitty Goose and shoot it right off the string with no problem, accuracy wise. The serving will get chewed up over time, but I have no problem reserving a bowstring.

  3. ReadHeaded Hunter

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    I used to shoot w/o a loop and it didn't bother me. i shoot with a loop now though and definitely like it better. i got one put on at gander mnt. for a dollar so i'd say its a good investment
  4. Just becare about your draw length. Adding a loop or even just a release can add length and cause some sore arms.
  5. Just buy the string and loop it yourself!
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    i don't use a loop, i just hook the release onto the string right below the bottom arrow knock stopper
  7. No u dont have to have a loop! Can use a trigger right on the string but wears out string faster! I love the loops, wouldnt shoot any other way but that is my opinion!
  8. I use a string loop and like it. The release I use is trufire hurricane buckle foldback. It's super comfortable and adjustable.
  9. I did not use the loop until last year after I caused string damage under the serving to my string causing my bow to let go in my case. This happen right at the beginning of season. I had to give up hunting time to get my rig set back up and resighted. Take my advice for what little it cost it will save alot more later. I realy like it.