Tried my kayak today...

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by archman, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. I used my kayak today for the first time. I must say that I was a little disappointed. This is in comparison to my friend's kayak, which is about a foot longer. Mine is a little more tippy, and it felt like I was going to tip it over on a few hooksets. I never felt that way at all in my friend's. It also kept doing a 180 if there was even a slight breeze, which I found rather annoying. I could understand if it was really windy, but it wasn't. In fact, I could hardly feel the breeze but I kept having to adjust the kayak. The guy at Dick's said I could take it back. I don't like doing thing like that, but I think I'm going to.
  2. lol you give up easy. How do you expect to be able to do anything and do it well, if all you ever do is try it once??

  3. I'm not sure what I could do that would keep it straighter, other than getting a longer kayak. I've kayaked many times before, so this isn't the first time I've ever been out. I do have a question, though. Is the fact that it was so easily affected by the wind a length or weight issue? If it's a weight issue, would adding weight help at all?

    The tippiness of it really bothered me, too. I guess I am wanting to return it quickly so I don't mess it up and they won't return it.
  4. Kayaks are very suceptible to wind. Sometimes it helps to have a littlr ping pong paddle to make minor adjustments. Also, as far as the tippiness.... there are two kinds of stability as far as kayaks go. Primary stability is what you are describing. It is the initial feel of "tippiness" when you lean. Secondary stability is the kayaks ability to right itself after a lean, and is much more important. Many fine yaks have poor primary stability and great secondary. These are great yaks because they are responsive and will not easily result in a spill. Beginners are too concerned with primary stability and like to buy "barges". They will soon learn how to paddle well and regret having bought a slow, fat kayak. Paddle it a few more times under different conditions before returning it. Just my 2 cents.