Tried it again....

Discussion in 'Stripers & Hybrids' started by mrfishohio, May 27, 2007.

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    Haven't done much fishing in the last couple of years since I sold the boat. I'm not to partial to banking it. However, I did purchase a non-res KY license for my $50 and am going to use it.
    Broke out one of the big rods yesterday and found out I haven't lost the touch. Was able to throw real close to my old range almost from jump street. Not quite as accurate as I was, but lets blame that on the wind.
  2. :) No loss of touch there!!They love those beat up white spoons up the river here too. Hardest part's reelin' them in. Great fish

  3. Hey Jim, nice fish. You still got it!
  4. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I had a few bigger than this, and a few smaller. Didn't want to keep them out of the water in the heat, hence I had someone run my camera for me before I landed this one. Looks like it's been caught before due to the rubs on it's side, I noticed them before I got him up the bank. Maybe it was dropped, or maybe it did some hard flopping :confused:
    Had one of those :B stories too. Saw some baitfish fly, so I threw a topwater out there. Normally I have a leader crimped on, but not on this lure. I got smacked hard, it was a :B no doubt. Kept taking drag, etc. Got near the bank & I felt that slipping sensation, like the hook was ripping or the fish had the line under it's gills. All of the sudden, right near the bank the line snapped, maybe hit a rock, or maybe the ledge, either way, I knew there was something wrong without having a leader on a topwater, now I remember why......:p


    Oh, almost forgot, got a big white bass too, maybe 2# or so on a topwater. They look so ugly next to wipers ;)
  5. Thats a nice fish, I had a guy try to take a picture of me with one similar to that last week and all he got was my feet!!! Not his fault though, you can't see through those things when the sun is bright.
  6. Great fish, they are fun, someone tried to tell me those marks are from them spawning, but I've seen the guys just kicking the fish back into the water, that could account for the scrapes.