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August 25th. It was such a perfect day to be outdoors, my wife and I decided to go fishing. We got our lines in the water at the lake at 13:55. My wife caught a small bluegill on her first cast of the day at 14:00. It looked like it was going to be a great day of catching fish. I got my first bluegill of the day at 14:10. At 14:25 we move to a spot I believe would a better place.

14:30 I caught my 2nd. bluegill on fake trout worm. 1305 I caught a bluegill on a piece of Catawba worm. I had a number of bites on them, but they were able to clean the worm off the hook. I had believed thawed out Catawba worm would be tougher than that to knock off a hook. My wife caught her 2nd and final bluegill of the day with the fake trout worm. She was getting bites but the fish would not say with it to set the hook.

15:18 I caught 2 more bluegills on the Catawba worms, last bluegill I caught was on the “Gulp” trout worm I did get one bite on my catfish rod but this fish knocked the strawberry seasoned chicken breast off the hook when I tried to set the hook!

16:30 We called it a day, did not get as much action as we had hoped, but did enjoy had fresh air and sun. Hopefully next time out the fish will be more eager to hit our bait.
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