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3-26th Went fishing with a friend to a farm pond that he had access too. He picked me up around 12:50 and head to the spot. He said he had not been to the pond for a couple of years. The last time there he caught lots of slab size bluegills.

13:20 We arrived at the pond, and he was disappointed that the water level was so low from the last time he was there. It made it difficult to walk around the pond to find an open spot away from the moss. There was a breeze blowing was that made it hard to watch our bobbers. The air was around 70 degrees when the sun was out but, I needed a light jacket when the clouds rolled in. I fished 2 different areas, with the same results, NO bites!

We decided to hang it up and go to another lake at 15:00. We headed to a county lake, but my friend needed to get his license. While he got his license and I got 2 dozen red worms for we had been using fake bait at the pond

15:30 We got our lines in the water at the lake, we met another friend of ours that was fishing there. He said he had been there since 11:00, and only had a couple of bites. I put on a small piece of red worm for bluegills. The breeze was not helpful again for watching my bobber for bites. I did get 3 bites, but my friend only noticed a bear hook when he checked his line.

16:35 we packed it in and headed home, for the rain clouds were heading our way. At least we got outside and enjoyed the fine weather. We are looking forward to when the weather and this confinement ends to wet our lines again.

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