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10-5. I picked up my grandson to do some catfishing at a local small lake around 11:00 We stopped to get some night crawlers on the way to the lake..got our lines in the water at 11:50. At 12:00 we started getting some bluegills for bait for our catfish rods. 12:50 my grandson caught a 9 inch hybrid bluegill. We caught a few more bluegills but no catfish bites so we moved to a second spot.

13:15 we set up and I decided to use chicken liver this time. My first cast at 13:25 I had a catfish on the line, but my knot came lose at the hook! Retied the bobber rig and cast it in the same area, 13:45 the fish hit it but would not run with bait. My grandson caught 2 more bluegills at that spot.

14:30 we moved to a third spot, by this time it was getting hot once more. Around 14:50 my grandson hooked into a 3-4 pound Channel cat on his bluegill rod. We had it right up to the bank when the 6 pound test line broke and I was not able to grab the fish! After he retied his rod he hooked a bigger catfish according to him, this one got hung up on a snag. He had to break his line, so once again bad luck struck.

We pack it in and headed for home at 15:30, for the fish stopped biting and the air was getting hotter. My grandson out fished me again, with 1 catfish and the biggest and most bluegills. One of these days hopefully we will get to catch a mess of catfish. As we have been saying “we tried.”

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