Tricos on N Branch Au Sable Michigan

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  1. I missed last years Trico hatch and was jonesing to make it back up there...this weekend was it. I took off after work and drove up, had a few beverages to relax from the ride then hit the sack to prepare for a morning of fun on a size 24 or smaller.
    Come the morning it was low 60s and a slight fog. Headed over to a spot with a few friends that have been fishing the system nearly weekly since the 60s and waited around, but not too long. Friday they came off from 7ish until 9:30, Saturday it was colder and they came off from 8 to 9:45, and this morning even colder and foggy with rain as well and they came off from 8:45 or so until 11. All in all it was a great time fishing Tric's with some small 20-22 BWOs mixed in. The brookies are beautiful as always and real feisty. Had the fortune to get in to quite a few fish over 10" each day, with my friend Bruce catchin the largest just barely shy of 13", and of course the usual amount of smaller and equally fun fish.

    All the Trico patterns fished were either 24 or 26, here is a shot of a 26 that landed on my sleeve

    Here are a few shots I got of some fish with heart

    Heading out on Saturday to prepare for this morning ;)
  2. excellent, hitting the UP later this week, and may stop on the au sable for a day or two on the way back.

    brook trout are my favorite.

  3. excellent report! tricos are a neat hatch, its amazing just how big a fish will eat those tiny things.
  4. I'm headin up to MI this coming weekend to visit family. My brother-in-law and I may get out for some hex fishing. I've never done it but he swears by it and partakes in the night bite frequently. I've done some reading on it recently and it sounds like I may have an opportunity to catch come big brown trout. If any of you have tips...please pass them on.
  5. For Hexes it is all location and time. Unfortunately the Hex hatch is pretty well over for most of the state. There are still significant numbers of Isonychias comin a bit smaller, but still quite large at 8s and 10s. Use as heavy a tippet as the conditions allow and hold on tight ;)