tricky radar in akron on I-77

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by freyedknot, Sep 17, 2005.

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    on I - 77 today in akron heading north there was an suv parked in the emergency lane with the tailgate and window open as if they were digging for the spare tire. upon getting up on the suv ,i see a policeman sitting in the back in a lounge chair clocking cars.glad i wasn't speeding. 2 chase cars were a 1/4 mile up ahead ,both with violaters.
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    Pretty ChickenS@%t if you ask me.

  3. H2O Mellon

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    Just thinking here, that actually may be a good attorneys dream.
    It's bordering on Deception, right?

    Was this a State Trooper? I just don't see our dedicated & overworked local law enforcement doing something like that.
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    they do this regularly in akron, there was actually 4 chase vehicles...doesn't really seem like deception to me, he was a uniformed officer in a marked was the akron PD...
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    Mellon what are you doing online, arn't you suppose to be spending time with your better half :D
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    OH, well thats completely differnet, than the way I took it. I read it as the officer was inside a regular SUV (UNMARKED).
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    mellon i think thats what he said in the 1st post...
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    Yea, Bryan...What gives...Heck you could have been down by 11:30 if all you are doing is spending time on the internet.
  9. The person running the radar can be hiding anywhere or in any vehicle. The chase cars that do the stopping and citing have to be marked.
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    I Pennsylvania I've seen them in the bucket of a bucket truck, hiding in the woods line dresses as a hunter, State dump trucks and unmarked junkers on the side of the road.
    In Steubenville they are installing the photo cameras to catch red light violators and speeders. Open your mail and you have a picture of your vehicle and a ticket. Isn't progress wonderful.
  11. I find it amazing that they need to hide. Geeze the cops around Columbus and Dayton set along the road and get a ton of speeders. I do not know what the breaking point is but I have passed them doing 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit and they don't even look my direction. I have had people pass me and get the wave of the finger as if they are saying, I am letting you go but you had better slow down. I kind of think it is where you are at. I don't think the cops around here have any trouble filling thier ticket amount for the month and that is without hiding.
  12. sounds like you were by copley rd. they do that there all the time.
    i have also seen the penninsula p.d. use a golf bag with the radar in
    it down on penninsula rd. by brandywine golf course.
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    What I don't understand about a BUNCH of the wonderful:rolleyes: Columbus area drivers is this. When a Patrolman is shooting radar on the side of the road, lets say 270. If you are driving 65 mph in a 65 mph zone and you see the officer shooting radar that does not mean SLAM on your brakes:rolleyes: :mad: !!!! If your doing the speed limit your not going to get into trouble you FREAKIN IDIOTS!!!!

    OK, I fell better now....
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    Buddy - man you nailed that one! I hate that too!
  15. I have heard other people complain of police being deceptive in catching speeders. In Indiana, they sit in Indiana Department of Tranportation trucks (big yellow highway trucks) and clock speeders, then have a chase car run them down.
    I don't see what the big deal is. If you are speeding, what difference does it make how you are clocked breaking the law? It's no different that an undercover cop working to arrest drug dealers.

    my 2 cents
  16. I am not sure if its still in force but in the past in Ohio in order for a ticket to be valid the "observing" officer must write the ticket. Mail out tickets are BS - that is why the state was going to require Cleveland to post an officer at every corner w/ cameras to write the tickets. I cant remember the Ohio code but this isn't bs. Now if you were dumb enough to keep speeding the "chase" officer can ticket you legally. I heard of this originally in relation to being tracked via an airplane.

    btw. I believe that tards that brake unneccessarily should be ticketed - same goes for excessive brake tappers!!!!
  17. crankus_maximus

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    I call this the brake pedal tap dance - and I HATE IT! I also hate the morons that dart in the space I have built in traffic so that it will flow easier. I'm talking about slow moving traffic on the highway from construction, accidents, bad weather, etc. I leave a very safe distance between the vehicle in front of me and myself and some a-hole will come barrelin in the space and slam on their brakes and ride the bumber of the guy in front. I'D LOVE TO LEARN THOSE FOOLS!
  18. Yep...I figure that only 5 maybe 10% of the population knows how to drive. My plan is to create a set of jaws that you can fire from under the front of your car that rips out the gas tank of the offending idiot in front of you, thus disabling their car permanently.
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    I got one that will use hydraulic pressure to fire a ram-rod into tailgaters grills, thus puncturing vitals in the engine and rendering it useless as well. You could get them from th front with yours and the back with mine. It's too bad the cars aren't the culprits though. Just moron drivers.