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Tribe is smoking!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by River Walker, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. I can't believe the lack of support for the Tribe,I know it's football season,but they're giving their all,each and every day out there.Cleveland claims to have the best fans anywhere,it's time to show it and offer our support to this great young team.
  2. peon

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    WHO DEY!!!! go bengals!!! just had to do it :D
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  3. It's been fun to watch them gel this year. Last year the wheels fell off due to their youth. Hopefully, they've gotten over that hump and keep on rolling.

    peon, you were 7 years old the last time the Bungles had a winning season. I can see why you're excited about a 1-0 start. :D
  4. Nice ebonics peon,by the way how are the deads doing this year? How's your NBA team looking? Oh,that's right,you guys aren't a major sports city-my bad.
  5. That is a good one.:D
    Now back to the important topic and the original one at that.;) I am pretty pumped about the Indians season. They are an exciting team to watch with a lot of young talent. These guys are playing lights out right now and if they don't make it to the playoffs it seems it will only be because someone else plays incredibly well. I don't get cable at home so I rarely get to watch them but I listen to them nearly every game at least some. And I find myself tuning the radio in first thing in the morning to see where they are.

    I have a feeling this race will not be decided until the last week of the season. What would really be awesome is if they could go in to the last series of the regular season in Chicago with a shot to catch the White Sox. That is not out of reach at this point. They have about 17 games remaining with 6 against the White Sox. Hopefully they can take care of business in the others as they have what should be favorable matchups in the rest with KC and Tampa Bay.

    Go Tribe!!!!
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  6. RW,

    I used to go Tribe games all the time. Now I live in Cincy and can't make many (if any). I think economics are playing a big part of the lack of support. Many people can't afford to go the games, including myself if you count driving from Cincy. Once I get started with the business, I may be in Cleveland frequently. I hope so, I'd love to take in a game after work.

    And yes, I am a Browns fan too. It isn't easy, but you just hope the get better. I think they will. I root for the Pittsburgh Penguins in hockey, only because they were the only team I had coverage of when we first got cable. I hate basketball (college and NBA).

  7. peon

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    hows my nba team??? hmm hate b-ball... so i aint got no nba team... and im happy to say my team has been to the supper bowl ... lots of teams have never been to one.. and im just ready to see the bengals go the season!!!!
  8. Fishing-Miller23

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    I don't know if your paper gets Hal Lebivitz (bad spelling), but he says that scouts for other teams think if the Indians make the playoffs, they have the best chance of winning the World Series. Cause of their pitching, bullpen, and bench. The Sox better watch out, we are only 5 games back and with 6 games against them, we could easily win the division. Plus we got games against Tampa Bay and K.C. :D GO TRIBE!!!!
  9. F-Miller,

    I for one don't really care how they get in to the playoffs. I hope they make it period. I agree the 6 games against the Chi-sox are big, but the Tribe has had a penchant for dropping games to TB and KC. Shapiro built this team for next year, it just happens to be playing well now.

    They should agree not to play in Cleveland the first month of the season. They always play poorly the first month on the lake.

    Go Tribe!

  10. When was the last super bowl the Browns went to again? Oops sorry nevermind.

    1-0 isn't necessarily a big deal, unless it made the Browns 0-1

    While we are at it, when was the last time the Indians won a WS...and the Cavs won an NBA title.....when was that again?

    I was just wondering because the Reds have won 3 world series since the last time the Indians won one. The Bengals have at least BEEN to 2 super bowls since the Browns even played in in one. And the Royals went to as many NBA finals as the Cavs....0. :D

    But I suppose if quantity (of teams) is more important than quality then Cleveland has us beat.

    Oh, and the Ohio river never caught on fire! :p
  11. Fishing-Miller23

    Fishing-Miller23 It's Miller Time!

    The Browns dominated in the 50's. They won like 3 when it was called NFL Championship. They one the last one right before they called it a superbowl. So superbowl is just another word for nfl championship. Thats why whenver a team wins the superbowl they say we are the champions of the world.
  12. peon

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    bengals team aint for sale either lol .. who do you guys root for ravens or browns??? that makes me confused??? lol
  13. Apparently, that's not the only thing. The title of this thread is "Tribe is smoking!"
    Hijacking this thread just to pimp the 1-0 Bungles would be like hijacking a muskie thread just to pimp a bluegill story. They have nothing to do with each other.
    Sorry for adding to the mess River Walker.
    Go Tribe!
  14. peon

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    its all fun and games... sorry to make someone mad.. i thought sports was all about jokin with buddies
  15. pendog66

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    World Series winners.........St. Louis
  16. Fishing-Miller23

    Fishing-Miller23 It's Miller Time!

    Cards win, if the Indians don't make the playoffs. Watch out for the TRIBE!!!
  17. And the Reds dominated the late 1800's ;)

    Don't worry, one of these days some Cleveland team will win something! :p
  18. Works for me.;)

    4.5 games back now. Look out White Sox!
  19. I guess we Browns fans have to grin and bear it because the Bungles may have the upper hand a for another year or so (counting this one;)). I mean as pathetic as the Browns have been the last decade they have not been worse than the Bungles until the last couple of years. Just enjoy it because it won't last long.;)