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  1. I see Indian's hitters doing what I can't stand....swinging away early in the count! Make the pitcher PITCH guys!! The other night, when Cliff Lee SHOULD have won his 7th, the opposing pitchers AVERAGED 14 pitches per inning. That's really pathetic. I would FINE EVERY hitter who swung at either of the first two pitches & didn't hit the ball hard. In other words, early count pitches better be "fat" or let 'em go. When you see that type of average pitch count, it's not 1 or 2 hitters jumping on the 1st's a whole bunch of 'em.
    Sorry, but I had to rant.
  2. And if they are going to remain so pathetic at the plate then they better learn how to manage a small ball game and start manufacturing runs. How many successful bunt sacrifices have they had this year? I don't get to see or hear all of the games but I am thinking that number is awfully low. If your pitchers are going to give you what they have been lately then a couple of runs will go a long way. They have the #2 overall ERA in the majors right now and what the starters have done lately has been nothing short of amazing. I think they have allowed 1 run over the last 40 innings.:eek: And to think they have not even had their second best pitcher (based on numbers thus far in the season) available for that stretch. (Westbrook)

    If they can even begin to figure out their hitting woes they are a true contender. I have no problem with Hafner dropping even lower in the lineup. I think he was batting 5th last night. He has been pathetic this year, amazingly even worse than last year. The only problem is that they don't have much to put above him in the lineup. I would stick Garko above him because at least he has shown a few glimmers of hope. I know Hafner had a couple of singles last night but it will take more than that to convince me he is on track.:rolleyes:

    That is an odd lineup with Victor leading the majors and nobody else is even sniffing .300. It is a wonder he ever gets a pitch to hit. It makes me wonder how he would be hitting if they actually had to come after him every time.;)

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  4. That site has some interesting categories. Unfortunately they don't have those categories listed by team totals, just individuals. It is still amazing the degree of statistics that can be compiled on baseball.
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    Here is another site that you can find the same stats by team. Unfortunately, it does not have the current season. Interesting none the less.[SH]=1&a=Get+Stats
  6. Tuber is right. It is definately harder to work a count in your favor when you are air conditioning the stadium on the first pitch.

    I think Carl willis has done a fine job this year with the pitching staff and by that token I think Derrick Shelton the hitting coach needs his you know what held to the fire. It has gone on long enough, after 40 games or 120 ab's you should be able to figure out what a guy is doing wrong. Outside of Victor and Sizemore these guys are driving me nuts. At least Brett Micheals is gone, lol, I mean Jason Micheals.
  7. finally a post that doesnt have to do with the reds :p i just wonder if the pitching can hold up until they decide they want to start hitting. if they can just average 3 runs a game they would be kickin a$$
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    The answer to the hitting woes will probably be solved by the reds pitching. They seem to get everyone on track! I'm hoping the reds take them down though!
  9. Yet another shutout last night by the Tribe pitching staff!! It's a good thing because they only managed 5 hits of their own. Thank goodness two of those went yard.:rolleyes:

    I keep thinking they need to do more to find someone in their lineup that can hit but then I look at their roster and think there is really nothing there. If the existing starters can not produce the runs they are in trouble. They really have no depth in position players. That could be their demise, especially if guys like Hafner, Peralta, Guttierez, Delucci, and Blake don't wake up.

    By the way the starting pitchers continued their scoreless inning stretch to over 43 innings. I believe 54 is the major league record. Even if they don't get there this streak has been phenomenal.
  10. I"m not one who believes in lopping heads everytime something goes wrong but if this continues Shapiro and Wedge might have to make a decision on Shelton if they think they can find a suitable replacement. I thought when they fired Eddie Murray they made a mistake but look at what happened. Hate to say it even though he put up some decent numbers afterward, (Hafner) I dont think that he has been the same since Buehrle hit him in the face a few years back. Shapiro and Wedge will get it figured out, for my money theyre 2 of the best at theyre positions in MLB today.
  11. Actually the teams hitting woes goes back to last year. Ever wonder how come somebody hits decent until we acquire them. Brandon Phillips was highly touted , couldn't hit a lick in Cleveland. Goes over to Cinncinnati and bang all of a sudden he can hit again. Barfield hits a strong .270 for San Diego and cannot hit his weight for Indians. Want to bet if they trade he will find his swing again. Travis Hafners numbers continue to dive. Once one of the most feared hitters in the American league he cannot even hold on to his lineup position now. Astrubal Cabrera rescued offense from its doldrums last august now he can't hit thhe floor if he fell off a chair. I could go on and on here but suffice to say it is the coaching. Shelton is way to cerebal in his approach and is ruining the talent that we do have.

    An approach that involves much more than SEE THE BALL - HIT THE BALL is doomed to failure. The more you think while batting the more you will fail. One of the most consistent hitters and run producers in baseball is Manny Ramirez. His relaxed approach fools many people into thinking he just don't care. His former and present team mates will tell you about Manny's dedication. When the game is on the line he is the one I would want to bat for me. Our hitters could not KO a tired and injured Red Sox staff last year. Yet their lineup found a way to beat CC and Carmona in back to back games.

    " Working the count " to build up the opposing starters pitch count can be carried too far. Allowing the starter enough time to " settle in " can blow you the game also. Ever notice how many AAA call-ups and other first time starters have success against our line up. The reason is they quickly learn our lineup will spot you an 0-2 count before swinging,
  12. Once again this weekend is a prime example of not doing the things to produce one run here and there. They think they can hit their way into a rally every inning and it just rarely happens with them anymore. Yesterday they were facing Volquez who is leading the NL in ERA so you figure runs are going to be tough to come by. On top of that you have Lee throwing and he has been lights out. So you would figure that 2-3 runs would be big in a game like that. They start out the getting the first inning with the first two on with Delucci at the plate who has been atrocious so far this year. behind him you have the two hottest sticks in the lineup and they don't even try to sacrifice the runners into scoring position and get out of the DP situation. Delucci proceeds to strike out. Then to add insult to injury Sizemore gets hung out to dry on a liner by Martinez and doubled to end the inning. What looked like a chance to draw serious blood early on Volquez was just totally erased. Then in the second inning Francisco doubles to lead off the inning. You have Aubrey, Cabrera, and Blake coming then Lee so you have to figure your chance of a big inning are pretty limited with those guys especially when you toss in Lee who has hardly ever seen the plate. So common sense would tell me again that maybe getting a run in that situation would be considered a good inning. So instead of bunting with Aubrey who is only hitting a sultry .200 they opt to swing away and hit a weak grounder to third for the out and leave Francisco on second. Had they moved Francisco to third he would have scored on the fly ball to center that Cabrera hit. Instead he is still at second and get left there to finish the inning.

    On top of that they just simply are not getting the hits they need on a consistent basis. The pitching was not as lights out this weekend as they had been but you just can't expect them to shut every team out every night. (Of course I expect them to not walk in the winning run though ;) ) I just don't see this team as a real contender at this stage of the season. I know it is still early and they may be able to find a bit of a groove and get it done but they just seem to be several notches below the top teams in the league. All in all it was a very disappointing weekend of ball for the Tribe. Hopefully they can get back on track soon.
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    You got that right bkr - I was screaming at the radio when they didn't have Dellucci bunting in the first. The managing is almost as bad as the hitting.