Tri-valley/Logan FB playoff - OGF member

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  1. Hey, we were at the tri-valley - Logan FB playoff game last friday night. It was at Logan HS. While walking the miles back to our van we saw a vehicle parked that had an OGF member sticker. I can't recall the type of vehicle but I heard there were 5000 people there and I found it awesome that out of all the people out there two of us were OGF members. Maybe there were more I don't know.
  2. I was at TV-Logan game last Friday night. I drive a Silver Honda CRV with the OGF sticker on the back driver's side window.


  3. Hi Darryl,

    no way LOL! That's the vehicle we saw. I remembered once you said what kind it was.

    It was a very good game. are you going to new philly to watch them friday? we are..that's if it's not super cold. Union town lake beat the pants off tri-valley and union town played lewisville and lewisville beat union lake so this coming game should be a good one.

    connie and woody
  4. Connie,

    I would really like to go to the game at New Philly, but not sure because there's a chance for showers on Friday night. That's the first time I have seen TV play and they are very good. They really do have to work on the kickoff coverage and limit the big plays on defense against a very, very good Louisville team.

  5. yeah I already told woody that if he thinks I'm sitting in snow or rain for a FB he's nuts. my kids have colds and I don't want them to get sicker. I suggested getting a hotel room incase we have bad weather. then he could go watch and I'd stay in a nicve warm hotel. DOn't get me wrong if it was just me and him I'd be right there snow or not. But with kids I have to put them 1st.

    It will be an awesome game. I sent you a reply on PM.

    we like our sports such as FB and bball as much as fishing and hunting.

    what brought you to the TV/Logan game? If I may ask.
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    I also was at the game , but didnt see any OGF stickers. That was a very exciting game to watch , no matter what team you were rooting for.
    Tri-Valley will be a tough beat in the playoffs , I wish them luck the rest of the way.
  7. I was actually at the game, because I only live around 15 minutes from Logan and I love watching HS football and that I was rooting for a member MVL team, since I live in the NL school district.