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Tressle BALL

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by flathunter, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Tressle needs to hire an offensive coordinator with some imagnation..Tressle cant continue to call the plays and waste the tallent of Holmes, Ginn, Gonz etc..And I dont think Smith is the answer at QB. I know we won a nationl championship under Tressle....But things change, And I wish he would change or get out of town.
  2. Yes,OSU did win the national championship under Tressle,but with Cooper's players.

  3. With all due respect Flat, I don't see much talent. Not from Ginn (who runs like he's afraid of being hit), and Smith who still can't read defenses and does not sense pressure when he's in the pocket. Ginn should go run track, where his speed will be an asset and they don't hit anyone. And for all of Smith's "athleticism", he cannot get out of his own way when there is the least bit of pressure on him (16 carries, 32 yards is not what I would consider a worthwhile reason to start him over Zwick).

    I won't watch another game all year, not even Michigan. They are both OVERRATED. More time for fishing. Tressel needs to retire and let Neuheisel come in and coach. As for Gin and Smith, I trade both of them for a good offensive tackle and a fullback.

  4. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    That game made me sick. He does need to hire a Offensive coordinator, Ted Ginn has done nothing this season along witht the rest of the offense. Scoring 30 something against San Diego St. doesn't count. I just noticed Louisville scored 69 points tonight and score in the 60's every other game they play, I have to belive OSU has better talent than Louisville even though there ranked 20 something.
  5. I agree with you Eric,Rick Neuheisel would be an excellent coach for OSU.I said before the first game was played this year that all the Big Ten teams were a bit overated to start the year.I couldn't believe that Michigan started the year ranked number 3,and I like UM! Lloyd Carr has got to be the most conservative SOB in the country,followed closely by Tressle.OSU arguably has the best corp of receivers in the country,and yet Tressle opts to go with a running quarterback,instead of a drop back passer that's clearly a better qb.Ginn reminds me a lot of the way Plaxico Burris played when he was at MSU.All the speed and talent in the world,but neither likes being hit at all.I never got to watch the game,but listened to most of it on the radio,the OSU announcers were definitely wanting Zwick in there,they were actually saying that it didn't matter where on the field OSU would have started their last drive,with Smith at the controls,they weren't going anywhere.
  6. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    Poor use of our talent, I cannot add anything more than has been said here. What a joke of an offensive effort by our Bucs.
  7. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I have said it before I think our best qb is the 3rd stringer...And I would play Zwick over Smith.
  8. dip

    dip dip

    offensive coordinator the problem? DON'T THINK SO! only reason the game was close is that joe-pa's "qb" is lucky to hit the GRASS with a pass..... just like smith. the two worst throwing qb's in one game i can remember. this is the LAST time i miss out on FISHING to watch a disaster like osu.
  9. Personally,I hate running quarterbacks.Don't like them at any level,pro's,college or high school.Everybody always talks about Michael Vick,and how great he is,great athlete,to be sure,but very average at best as a qb.When old "Slash" was at Pittsburgh,another prime example.Give me an old fashioned drop back passer that can read defense's any day.The best team in the land (USC) doesn't need their qb to run,the Pats don't need their qb to run.What was looking like one hell of a game up in Ann Arbor in November,doesn't look so hot now.
  10. They have an offensive coordinator, his nam eis Jim Bollman. But guess who calls the plays.....Jim Tressel, making Bollman the OSU eunich (and eventual scapegoat).

    Next week, Tressel will put the excuse spin on Smith's performance. But you can ask my wife what I said 10 seconds before he threw the interception. I said they need to take the blinders off and get him out of there. Smith will put up big numbers against IU and OSU fans will feel vindicated (so will Tressel). Who cares, it's IU?

    Running QB? Where was he last night? 16 carries for 34 yards does not constitute a running QB. He does not since pressure in the pocket because he is not a pocket passer. So plan A should be to move the pocket and let him throw on the run. Duh! Plan B, keep a stationary pocket and replace the QB with someone who is a pocket QB. Zwick knows 9 times out of 10 where he's throwing the ball before the snap, giving him a complete advantage over Smith (and there by limiting the time for a pass rush to get to him, geez that would make it pretty easy in an offensive line). Boeckman is going to be good, but if I were on this team or committed to this team next year....I'd have to consider a transfer or committing somewhere else.

    An 11-0 defense and a 5-6 offense don't get it. Hey Jim, no more 50 yard FG either, Huston is not Nugent, that much is obvious. Way to play field position on 'em.

  11. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    as long as Tressle starts Troy Smith at QB , Ohio State will be lucky to win 7 games this year,he is terrible. he looks to run before he looks to pass on the pass plays and then on plays where he should scramble he stands flatfooted in the pocket until he gets hit and fumbles the ball away. how many fumbles has smith had this year ?? 10-15 in how many games ?? Zwick would start at any other school in the country.
  12. I totally agree that Zwick is a much better quarterback than Smith,no comparison in my mind.tcba,only one little thing I disagree with you about,I really don't think Zwick would stand much of a chance at being the starting qb at USC,but he probably would start for a lot of big name schools.
  13. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    You guys fail to remember that Tressel won, but it was with COOPER'S PLAYERS, plus that punk thug Clarette. Expect much of the same in the future. Thugs and mounting losses.
  14. I will give Cooper partial credit for the talent put on the field for the championship team but I have full confidence that if it were him at the helm for that season they would have found a few ways to screw it up. He lacked confidence in his teams strengths and would have done something to lose. Just look at his track record in big games.

    Saturday night's game was no doubt a major disappointment to me and many, many others. I have to say that although I am hearing a lot of comments about how weak the conference is I was impressed with the PSU team from a physical standpoint. They played smashmouth football and the Bucks paid the price. Overall the Buckeyes defense played another stellar game. They got off to a somewhat slow start giving up a couple of drives and having a lot of missed tackles. They were making the PSU RB's looked like Heisman candidates at first but then they settled down and dominated the game from there on. The OSU offense was totally inept. The biggest disappointment to me was that they were not able to establish the run better than they did. I thought they had the guys to do it but PSU was too physical for our O-line.

    The QB situation, although disappointing to me, was not surprising. I have been saying all year that I have wanted Zwick in there over Smith. I remember a lot of folks arguing to the contrary but it seems that after Saturday night's game there are many more in Zwick's corner. I know were critics of Zwick's fumble at the end of the Texas game and to his defense he took a hard hit to cough it up. Granted Smith also took a hard hit but how blind can he be to be looking straight down the center of the field and not sense hard pressure coming through the right tackle. You put your number one pass blocker on the left tackle to avoid your QB getting blindsided. Smith somehow gets blindsided from the right side directly in his face?:confused:

    If Zwick does not get a chance next week after this performance then I will have lost all confidence in this coaching staff. Zwick has performed extremely well in all of his playing time and Smith has made several mistakes. It seems that Smith is given an awful long leash to perform on but Zwick gets almost none. Granted Smith threw a couple of nice balls late that got our hopes up before he coughed it up but he missed so many reads and overthrew guys deep. Ginn and Holmes had the step a few times but Smith didn't see it at times and overthrew a couple. I think I would also be finding some playing time at tight end for someone other that Hamby as well. He is becoming a liability at TE with his drops. He had a couple more Saturday night.

    Overall I say "hats off" to PSU because they deserved to win that game. OSU did not.
  15. we need a passer not the "X" factor! with smith you get a running back tring to play a QB with zwick you have a passer. someone who will go through his reads and deliver the ball. I know zwick would have hit a few more open guys than smith did on sat. smith over threw his guys or put to much on the ball when they were only 8 yards out. Smith is not a passer compared to zwick. smith will beat you with his legs not his arm. BUT thats no the real problem what we need is a running back . I don't care how you see that punk Clarette he could at one point run the ball! We need another eddie or clarette ( minus his adittude) we need a big back that will run the ball and wear down the D
  16. Pittman can run if given the line blocking. By the way Pittman ran for 3.9 yards per carry in the game. That to me was not a problem area.
  17. BKR,

    You are right on the mark. But if you read through the post you will see that we are on the same page about it. Shvlhead, RiverWalker has been saying the same thing about Tressel since they won the title. He won with Cooper's players.

    I said it before and I'll repeat it. Tressel has given Smith the reigns because he has the team's confidence. They play harder for him. Since when was football a democracy? I don't remember having a vote for my HS quarterback. I ran a lot of extra laps on the track for voicing my opinion to my coaches. Tressel is afraid if he goes with Zwick there will be a mutiny and his "connection" to Glenville players will be lost. Right now, the Glenville connection isn't paying off for us at all.

    There is no way to proof it, and I'll make myself a marked man for saying it. But it appears to be the truth and I'm a man and can take the heat for opening my mouth.......... This is a racial issue that Tressel is trying to squash and nothing more. If he plays Zwick, then Ginn, Holmes, and the like will not play as hard for him. Now I'm not saying that a QB cannot be black, or that Smith cannot become a better QB, just that this black QB is not ready for the field. He is slow to read coverages, he does not move in the pocket well (this is different than running folks), and he does not throw a very nice football. Just my opinion........

    If you want a big RB, you'll have to wait 'til next year when (and if) Chris Wells from Akron Garfield shows up. 6'2" and 224 lbs of soon-to-be Eddie George-type runner. If I were him, I would field calls from any and all about going somewhere else after watching them the past 3 years.

  18. You may be right on this one but if that is the case then we have a group of self centered individuals and not "team" players. I am not naive enough to think it does not happen but I would hope that these guys would see what has transpired and understand a decision to give Justin a chance to win back the position. After all Smith was only given the opportunity because of an injury last season. The old saying "You never lose your position do to an injury" never applied in this situation for some reason.:rolleyes:
  19. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    You did go out on a limb with that one. Didn't think of it like that, but your argument makes some sense. Definitely within the realm of possibility. Judging by the quality of character that Tresses is recruiting (see Clarette, Smith, I'm sure there are more we don't know about) this type of stuff wouldn't surprise me.
  20. shvl,

    I know I stuck myself out on a limb, but like I said I know I can take the heat. And I think you only have to look at Smith and the way he runs the option near the goal line to see what kind of "team" player he is. I may have been an offensive guard in HS, but I know you can't pitch the wide option right when you carry the ball in your left hand.

    bkr, you are one smart guy and I'm not trying to be sarcastic. Zwick was definitely hurt last year and thus the 3-3 record (let's not forget he was playing true Tressel ball with no Ginn). What has he done since then? Well, one he didn't transfer and two, he won two ballgames (bowl game and Miami). What has Smith done, oh he beat Michigan. And other than that he has looked average at best. Unless you want to count the big game against SDSU. Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I were Zwick, I would have told Tressel to stick it in his tight lil' rear end against OSU last year. I would have transferred in a minute and I'll bet if he knew he was going to get treated this way this season he would have too. That would have forced OSU to play Boeckman and give up his redshirt last year.

    Zwick is a better QB than Smith, and I'll stake my rep on it. Only if his teammates would play harder for him, which they won't. By the way, what happened to Anthony Gonzalez? Oh never mind, I already covered that.....