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  1. I am going this afternoon to buy a treestand (yea a little late, but I have been in Airman Leadership School for the past 6 weeks). I am honed in on the Summit Viper and just want to know the difference between the Viper Classic and the Viper SS besides $100. Does anyone know?

    Thanks for the help.

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  3. Whatever you get I would recommend something with a front rail on it. (Viper SS) It does add some weight, but in my opinion with a climber it is much easier to use. I had a Viper a few years back without a front rail but now have an API with one and I love it. The front rail will make you feel more comfortable in the stand and it allows you to sit on it to shoot behind you if necessary. Just my 2 cents.
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    I own the less $$$$ one Been a great climber
  5. I have the lightweight viper that costs about 250 and i love it. It was well worth the investment.
  6. When you go to buy your stand....get SOME sort of safety harness. I personally love my Hunter Safety System harness. It is built into the vest and a sinch to wear and use. Just be safe!!!
  7. great advice Flippin I cant stress safety enough. I suggest watching the video they ussualy send with the stand it loaded with lots of great info. I use a Summit python my self. I got this stand bout 6 years ago awsome build.
  8. I have both the viper w/out the bar, and another stand w/ the bar. The bar in front is a great thing to have if you are hunting w/ a gun or cross bow. I think it gets in the way when I am hunting w/ my compound.
  9. I tried climbing using a climber without a front bar and man, was that stressful...felt like I was going to fall backwards out of it every time I tried to inch higher. I like the bar best for climbing itself...can use it as a back-brace when lifting the bottom up. Plus it makes you feel more secure while up in the tree. As long as you set the bottom at the proper distance from the seat, when you stand up the bar should not affect the bow...especially since you will probably have the bow outside the bar.
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    My Summit has a bar which I use for climbing however I move it behind me once I'm setup. Find one with a bar that moves
  11. I love my Lone Wolf Climber! A bit expensive but great for long hikes. I agree with the others, a front bar does add some saftey and security. Glad i didn't have the Lone Wolf as my first stand, but for a semi experienced hunter i don't think there's a better light-weight climber out there.
  12. The Summit Razor SS has the moveable bar. Sit on it to climb or descend or swing it back away when in your hunting posistion. It is what I have and it too is a bit on the heavy side to pack in but the comfort level makes it all worth while.
  13. I have a Summit Razor SS and love it. I don't like a shooting bar but do like a bar for climbing, so this stand was perfect for me. I don't feel it is too heavy, it is lighter than most of my buddies stands. But on another note it is comfortable. I could sleep in it for But always wear a safety harness. All TMA approved stands come with a TMA approved safety harness now anyhow.
  14. I bought my climber from dicks - it's a hunters view - for like $80 couple of years back and MAN! I LOVE THAT STAND! It's not real heavy, COMFORTABLE as hell and it was CHEAP!

    It's got the front rail on it - and I agree, gotta have that front rail. Someone up above stated you can sit on it and shoot behind you - and that's what I do, or just sit on it after you get tired of sitting in your seat for so long and check out what's behind you.

    My seat hangs down and I actually moved the front straps up in front of the crossbrace and this allows me to kind of "slouch" or recline in my's so damn comfy I've been known to take a nap or two when it's slow out!!!!

    Good luck whatever you decide to buy and always remember to wear your safety harness! Just make sure you don't do like I did the first time I wore mine - put yours far enough UP the tree that when you stand it doesn't yank you back into your seat!! HAHA!!!!