Treestand or ground blind?

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  1. I have both but have never bow hunted out of the ground blind,what is everyone's feelings on bow hunting out of the ground blind, I hunt with a compound, and the ground blind i have is the ameristep doghouse it is very comfortable to gun hunt out of . Just wanted some input as I will be out every day this coming week and was thinking of taking it on the days we are supposed to get the rain/snow mix. Any oppinions will be appreciated.
  2. There is plenty of room to draw in the doghouse. We use them quite a bit. We don't use em a whole lot during the rut, I prefer stands, but its kinda personal preference. It's just nice to be in the tree and see bucks chasing does. I like the blind during muzzleloader, when we take most of our does. Just something about being eye level with deer really gets the blood flowing. I think it depends where your hunting, how well you know patterns, but during the rut that's hard to judge, and that's why i prefer the tree this time of year, ya just never know what may come in. Most of our filming is done out of the blinds, and we actually film out of the doghouse and penthouse while bowhunting. Put some corn, apples, deer caine out at about 20 yds of your blind, you'll get a good bow shot once they find it. Best of luck to ya!

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  4. Treestand...I can't stand hunting on the ground. You don't have as much of an advantage unless you are in the treestand.
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    Just depends on where you're hunting. If you have mature trees I say go with the stand hands down, but at one of my regular spots there arn't any trees safe enough or mature enough to put a stand in. I have a blind there, and leave only one window open, and put up camo mesh over the remainding windows. It blocks a lot of sun light and hides any movement that might come from within the blind but still allows the hunter to see his main shooting lane.

    Over all hunt a stand if you can, if not blinds are great.
  6. I hunt on the ground 99.9% of the time. I hunt sitting on the ground with a 27x62 camo cloth with three legs to stick in the ground. Its harder to hunt when your eye level with the deer but fun and challenging also to be that close and not move till you need to take the shot.......Just my 2 cents....Rich
  7. I have been busted twice now from the ground blind.
    Once clicking off the safety and once moving my head 2".
    The bones are too old to go up a tree stand.
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    I think Fishman covered it pretty well. Treestand if you can but a blind does come in handy.
  9. Thanks guys all the info. is appreciated