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  1. what is the disadvantage of ladder tree stands? Besides maybe the weight and bulkiness?
  2. I have found for me it can be a pain the first few times on a new ladder stand setup as far as tweaking its position for the least amount of movement to prepare for the shot mostly due to the fact that I `am a lefty and my boys aren`t.

  3. Love them they are cheap they are sturdy and if you can put them up and not have to move them they become part of the landscape. Not to mention I commented on the hang deaths I don't use a safety harness because I just don't get that high well most latters are 15 feet and if they are taller they are sturdy. Climbers are great also and i mean really great. They have there own uses I hunt on a lot of public land but on your own land or land that you can leave them on latter stands are tops.
  4. I like it's flexibility when it comes to choosing a tree. I find that with a ladder it's very easy to get up and down, offers pretty good room and can put in a wide variety of trees. They are heavy, but pretty easy to set up for a medium sized guy. I still like climbing sticks for easy transport, but i would never buy another single 15' stick.
  5. Ladder stands have to be installed strategically to ensure that they are not obvious to the deer. The deer may become accustomed to it but they will always look up at it when they pass. Just something to think about...
  6. I think if its in the tree all year your better off. Ive hunted this year 5 times. Seen 10 deer and haven't been busted yet. But I do get the point. but the same theory applies with climbers. Either way Its location location location!!
  7. I helped my buddy put one up and ummmm, I hated it and I refuse to ever use one or help anyone else set one up. It was the type that the ladders are in two pieces. It was a nightmare.
    I hunted out of it once and I hardly had any room - the side rails are too tight. (It sounds like he got a bad model?)

    I feel that they are too obtrusive to the deers eye also they are not high enough in my opinion.
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    I agree, for some reason, the majority of deer do tend to look up when passing a ladder stand, even if the stand is well positioned and been in the same location for more than a year. Doesn't mean they will spook, they just acknowledge the fact that they are aware the stand is there. I have taken many of deer from a ladder stand.

    Another small disadvantage is assembling and placing a ladder stand on a tree. I highly recommend you have one or more people help you setup a ladder stand. I connect ropes to the top of the stand and let one or more people keep pressure on them while another person holds the front of the ladder while I climb up and strap the stand to a tree.

    I learned to get help, from experience. Several years ago I tried to put up a ladder stand by myself. I had done it many times before, but this time I wasn't so lucky. I didn't tie-off the stand before I climbed up the ladder. I rode the 15 foot stand down to the ground and landed on my back. My back hit a small stump, just missing my liver. The doctor in the emergency room said if I had landed on my liver, I would not have lived to make it to the hospital.

    So we definitely need to take precautions when placing a ladder stand, or any stand on a tree.
  9. I just purchased my 7th ladder stand they are on sale cheap right now. I have hunted out of them for years. Once I place the stand it is there till forever. We have shot many deer out of them, they seem to be safe, sturdy and non problematic. Once the crops are all down in on the farms I hunt, I will place it and may or may not hunt it this year. But the longer they are up the better they become. Darn they are only 49 bucks right now so I may get more, never enough.
    I have been placing the drink holders up near( the screw in to the tree kind $2.99 each) my stands this year also, holds my water bottle without the noise the plastic can make.
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    We put up ladder stands before start of season an take down after season. Like the ease of walking out an just climbing up, never been a problem with the deer have harvested plenty of deer out of them an many bedded near the stands also. It's a two man operation to put one up safely.
  11. I agree with everything said. Yes they suck to put up hand down. you definity need two people and sometimes that's not enough and once they are up they are up for good. I will tell you that late night I had a non shooter buck walk so close that he brushed my tree. I also had three does this morning which are real spooked right now due to rut walk 4 feet from my stand. Ive also had countless others around and none of them see or spooked. Each stand has its goods and bads but It is nice to walk right up and get in your stand.

    By the way my wife hates me right now due to "excessive hunting." Has any one ever heard of such a thing?
  12. wild, i hear that after the first day i go. we consider ourselves divorced till after gun season. then again around muzzle loader.
  13. What in the heck is "excessive hunting". The season is only 4 months long. How do they come up with that crazy stuff.
  14. You are not the only one brother. My wife is pretty upset with me for the amount of time I am in the woods. I only hunt for 4 hours each morning on Saturday and Sunday!
  15. "What do you mean it's the last day of the season? You go from deer season to ducks, to ice fishing, to steelheading, to walleye, to salmon and then back to deer. The season NEVER ends!"----quote from My wife
    A quote from one of the sites on fishing and hunting, from several years ago, the stuff never changes only the faces. Frick it, go fishen