tree stand/ ground blind warmth?

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  1. besides your proper clothing and some hand warmers, what ways do you guys stay warm in the extreme cold? Any good type of heater that the deer cannot smell?
  2. artic shield boot blankets will keep your feet warm!

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    I have permanent deer blinds built on the property that we hunt. In each one is a propane heater to help us stay warm.

    One of the reasons that we see quite a few deer is that we typically go in before daylight and do not leave until after dark, staying in one location all day greatly increases the deer sighting opportunities.

    If you are cold or wet you just can't sit there all day. Especially during late season in frigid cold. The deer won't even start to move on their own until mid day, by then most hunters have been forced back to the truck to warm up.

    As far as the deer smelling you or the heater, there is no way around it. I don't believe for second that the cover scents or scent loc, or any other scent eliminating or masking products are very effective. The only real effective way is to use the wind to your advantage. Know where the deer will come from and setup accordinally based upon wind direction.
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    I dress for the weather and use chemical handwarmers...thats it. I also only hunt in the afternoons during late season when its usually a little warmer than mornings.
  5. This year I started using a ground blind. I keep a small propane heater inside for when its really cold.
  6. I use layers Long johns flease pants then something wind resistant then flease camo. I may add more if its super cold. Bass pro life time socks the I have other socks that go over them. Thats what I use and it works for me.