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  1. i have several pine trees in my yard that i would like to be gone they are about 75 feet tall and between 14 and 20 inches round. there are 10. is there any company that will come remove them for the lumber and not charge me to take them???

    any advice on how to get rid would be great!!!!

    im located in peninsula, ohio

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    I doubt it. Pines are not good for fire wood at all.

  3. Call your local Ohio forester. They can give you names to local timber guys. If your lucky and find someone in need of some pine (skids, cheap furniture), then you may not have to pay. If I was close I would cut them for you, if aged 2-3 years pine will burn without too much trouble. But Preble county would be a bit of a trip. Good luck
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    The timber cutters (loggers ) usually wont do yard trees
  5. you might as well have poison sumac, according to a website on illegal dumping, pine is the most common wood found at these dump sites. good luck.
  6. Nice Try but NO, they have no value