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Tree Rat & Mushroom Stew

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by Predator225, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Predator225

    Predator225 Predator225

    My own concoction, not about to serve it in my restaurant though...dont think it would go over too well with the yuppies ;) This one is good when you have one of those days stuck inside the house with a good amount of time on your hands. Some fellow hunters & fisherman think I am a little crazy to go to such lengths for squirrel, but why not just go all out once in a while??

    -2 Squirrels, skinned & cleaned using the legs only
    -flour (seasoned with salt & pepper)
    -1 stick butter
    -1 medium onion, chopped
    -1 glove garlic, crushed
    -1lb wild mushrooms (I use a mixture of 'good' mushrooms like shiittake, crimini & oyster)
    -1 cup celery (diced)
    -1 cup carrot (diced)
    -2lbs small potatoes (diced)
    -2 tablepsoon fresh oregano (de-stemmed & minced) or 2 teaspoons dry
    -1 bay leaf
    -1 can beef broth (low sodium)
    -1 can chicken broth (low sodium)
    -2 cans of steak mushroom sauce
    -1 sprig of rosemary
    -1 cup white wine

    Dust squirrel with flour. Melt 1/2of the butter in cast-iron or non-stick skillet, but do not let it burn. Saute squirrels on one side until just browned. Turn over & add onion, carrots, celery & garlic. When other side is just browning, add wine, toss with ingredients in skillet & transfer to pre-heated(I like to use the high setting) crock pot.

    Melt remaining butter in skillet & add mushrooms, potatoes, oregano, & rosemary. Saute until mushrooms are sweated (about 2 minutes). Pour mushroom & potato mixture over other contents in crock pot, add bay leaf & stir to incorporate. Allow this mixture to stew together for 1/2 hour; then add chicken & beef broth as well as mushroom sauce. The reason for using low sodium broth is so that you dont have a stew in the end that tastes like a salt-lick! Simmer on high setting first 2 hours then turn to low setting. You can salt & pepper to taste once it is done stewing when the potatoes are fork-soft, & mixture has thickened. Serve over piping hot biscuits! Yum-Yum!