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  1. Good sized and well-shaped tree with tons of off-white clusters of flowers, hanging down like bunches of grapes? Gobs of them along Rt. 224 this year. I can't say I've ever seen these before. What are they? Some type of locust perhaps?
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    If they are a gnarly looking tree with large rounded leaves and the flowers are about the size of a half dollar each, and large clusters of them all over the tree, can spot them from very far off... It is a catalpa (sp?) tree. You know, the one you gather catalpa worms off from. I have one in my front yard, only there hasn't been worms on it since the 80's. Would love to introduce some to it again if anyone has some to spare. :D

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    Yeah sounds like a catalpa to me as well.
  4. Sounds like a catalpa to me. They are blooming more than normal around us.
  5. pics? I'm a Landscaper.
  6. I have a worm bearing catalpa next to my driveway-that's not the tree I'm inquiring about-great bull-gill and channel cat bait, by the way. Seems anything capable of blooming is doing so this year-even privet hedges! Must have been just right, perfect weather in winter and spring to kick every thing off this year! Maybe it's the global warming!! Anyways, I never noticed these trees before anywhere-I should have taken a picture since they're all done blooming and they all look alike right now. I might google blooming locusts and see what turns up.
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    this year was the 1st year that i remember our locust trees ever having blooms.they were very sweet smelling and the trees were full of them.
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    They're blooming along Whetstone Creek, the flowers were dropping into the water and floating around, looked like some Japanese garden pond.
  9. The Audubon Society has a Picture book on eastern trees. I highly recomnd it. It shows all trees on the eastern side of the US.
  10. I'm pretty sure they were locusts. As jessmo said, first time he could remember them blooming. What a spring flowering of everything we've had! Bet the crabapples successfully bloomed, and will be loaded, in the deer woods this fall! They usually get hammered by a late frost-the deer and turks really love those little apples!