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&$^*&&(%^$ tree huggers....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fish4wall, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. UFM82

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    While their methods may not be the greatest, I agree with them on the waste part. Millions of fish are wasted every year when they are caught by commercials and dumped. Called "bycatch" by many, it can be half of their haul each trip out. I have watched videos of boats following commercial boats as they haul nets and lines- it looks like a fish kill in progress. Dead fish floating everywhere. It's like going deer hunting and killing every living thing in the woods while killing the deer. Can you imagine the furor is squirrels, rabbits, foxes, other small deer, etc. were all killed and left to rot in the hunt for one buck?

    I'm not a tree hugger by any means, but in the same way we all want restrictions on catfish here, I see a need for controls over there. Overfishing has decimated once great fishing areas. Cod fishing was gone on the Great Banks for a while due to the mauling. Billfish are more and more scarce in the Sea of Cortez due to longliners. As we get better at catching fish, it is easier to over-exploit the resource. When a single ship can spend 3 months at sea and bring in over 100 tons of tuna, that is a serious drain on the resource. Put 500 ships out there doing the same thing and you get the picture. The population just can't keep up anymore.


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    I am with you on that one UFM! :eek:
  3. My point on the tree huggers is that the way they did it....
    They’re not helping the cause there helping the problem...
    If they had a war protest would they stack dead people to get there point out...nnnoooo. I know that’s extreme but come on...
    There’s a term for this... hypocrite
    my 2cent
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    i agree with you fish4wall something needs to be done but to stop the killing of fish that are caught as a by catch it doesnt do any good to go out and catch a bunch of fish and kill them to prove your point, it was handled wrong.
  5. UFM82

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    in that they engaged in the very behavior that they are protesting. ( Seems a little ironic, doesn't it?) So, what they did was legal, as disgusting as that is.

    I don't even have an issue with what they did. There has been talk of controlling the overfishing for years, but economic issues and political pressure have continually stopped any real progress. Too many people are willing to look the other way because of the almighty buck. When the fishing disappears altogether and they no longer have a way to make a living, they will whine about how nobody did anything to help them.

    Some areas of the Pacific has been so heavily worked that the ecosystem is ruined for years. Lobstering in some island areas in the south Pacific is gone and so is the people's livelihood. They harvested until there was nothing left to harvest. Like fishing out a farm pond. If you keep everything you catch, there isn't any way for the pond to replenish itself.

    Now, all that being said- I DO NOT go for the PETA types who think an animal's rights supercede a human's. I do not believe that hunting and fishing should be banned across the board. I don't think extreme measures have to be taken in every case. I don't really care if the three-striped, moth eating, flying bark beetle that only exists in a 3 square mile area goes extinct because of our influence. ( Well, I do, but not THAT much.LOL) But, when a valuable resource is exploited to the point where it no longer exists, it needs to be controlled. We are the #1 predator on the Earth and we need to control ourselves.

  6. It sounds like their stunt did have the intended effect! That is, they brought publicity to their cause (evidenced by the fact that we are even discussing the issue).

    It seems extreme, and I can’t say that I agree 100% with their tactics. However, I would probably consider myself to be a tree hugger. I am very fond of nature and outdoor sports, and hope that future generation will also be able to enjoy them in the same manner. I tend to agree with most animal/nature activist. Remember, hunters and fishermen were activists long before the creation of PETA. Our natural resources are not infinite on this planet, and the world’s population keeps growing. We humans need to learn to better manage our resources.
  7. The solution to the problem is to build Giant Headboats.....Go to Iran or India or some other 3rd world country where the make like $100 a year....get about 250 people and give 'em fishin' poles....throw back what they can't keep. Or maybe just use a giant cod magnet or scallop magnet....then you won't even catch the stuff you don't want.....Why didn't I think of that before???? Hmmmmm!!!!! magnets :) :) ;)
  8. I have a few gar magnets that look a lot like striper spoons!