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  1. wife and I thinking of getting a 25-28 foot travel trailer. Would like 1 or 2 slides. We have never had a camper of any kind so this is new to us. Are there any brands better than others, or some to stay away from?
    any and all info about TT welcome, thank you
  2. Before buying one, I'd check into renting one and see what you like and don't like....There is a big dealer in Canton off 77 but I don't know anything more about them. Everyyear inCleveland the have a big RV show and I beleive they have pretty good prices. The show makes it easy to check out a lot of campers but I would think actually renting one would be the best way to check em out....I think in the "Entertainment books' they even have a rental coupon...Good luck!

  3. Go to Lots of good people there. you can find out about anything you need to know. good luck.
  4. stop by kamper city in peninsula, we have a very large selection of new and used. we can help match a floor plan to your family and to your tow vehicle.
    ask for paul baker im the gm and will be happy to help you.
  5. Got a Rockwood 2817 ss from RV Wholesalers near Indian Lake in 2005, they were the best deal by far that we could find. We just got back from a two week vacation to the Grand Canyon covering around 5000 miles with no problems that were not caused by me or my kids.
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    don;t know what you financial situation is but might want to consider the price of towing my buddy bought a new one this year and is now kicking himself around about it cost him about $1 a mile to pull it you go 50 miles form home pay for you camp site and food etc. you got about a $250+ weekend
  7. Just make sure it has a big bathroom and one heck of a vent fan.....LOL