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    Tom R

    Last Saturday I scouted out West Branch from the shore. (I hadn't been there in a looooong while.) Anyway, I was really disgusted by all the trash along the shore, and most all of it was fishing trash. Bait containers, hook packages and, of course, beer cans. It REALLY tics me off that the same people who use and enjoy the area and the resource are also the ones who trash it. There, I've vented but I don't feel better.:mad:
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    I know what you mean Tom, I get the same disgust when I am walking a river and tripping over beer can and bait containers. It allways amazes me when I hike out to a spot that has little pressure and requires a good walk to get to and I find an empty 12 pack of bud and some left over chicken livers and empty night crawler containers. If they can carry it in full, why can't they carry it out empty. It just get under my skin when I see this kind of blatant disrespect for our resources. It also makes very sad to see it. Yesterday I filled a 13 gallon trash bag just walking back to my car from the morning of fishing. It erks me that I am the one picking up after the guys that leave it but it does make feel better knowing that there is that much less trash on the river. S

  3. i fished under the rock springs rd bridge the other day for the first time ever and couldnt believe the amount of garbage tossed around...pretty depressing how little people value the health and looks of their favorite recreation areas...
  4. i did find a pretty nice deep diving crankbait tho...
  5. Not just a west branch, the berlin bridge over 224 is utterly disgusting. I took a ride out there with my 11yr old daughter and a couple poles just so she could reel in a couple gills or whatever, we spent about 10mins. clearing all the trash from the area we wanted to fish just so we wouldn't have to look at it. Most if not all the trash leavers come from areas like Akron and Youngstown if you know what I mean. My 11 yr old daughter said "Dad they shouldn't throw their trash this isn't their house" It just touched me so we quit fishing and spent an hour picking up trash filling an empty garbage bag that we found right there, Nobody even gave a rats ass, I wish I could kick all their asses right back to akron.
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    GOD I TO HATE PIGS, I spent an hour taking trash at Mogadore last wknd on both sides of 43 with my dad. I got a few bobbers and tied strings in the trees but it DISGUST me to see stuff on the shore line. 3 MINUTES to walk to the PROVIDED trash drum.
    If you were to let it go the culprits would be the first to BITCH " I AINT GOING THERE.... ITS A CRAP HOLE.. ALL TRASHY..
    Grandma always told me " you dont have to be rich but you DO have to be clean"

    Recycle and place litter in its place....
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    Berlin is the same way. I took the wife and daughter down about two weeks ago and we spent the first 1/2 hour cleaning the mess.
    IMO, close the shoreline!
  8. Its that way at any lake..You could probably put a trash barrel right by the water and the pigs would still throw it on the ground..These people need to be arrested and forced to clean up the lakes
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    Seen the same thing at nimi last weekend. Next time I go I'm gonna take a trash bag out in the boat with me. When I see the trash I'll just jump on shore and get it. What else can ya do? Its really sad but unless we pick up after these slobs it will just stay a mess!:(
  10. This has been the same problem for years at Mosquito on the Causeway. I wish the state parks could place several trash cans in the area and even have a local garbage collection pick them up. I know everyone wouldn't use them, but alto of fisherman would be able to clear their area with a short walk up the hill.
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  11. What makes you think its Akron people? From what I see its from everybody who doesn't give a rats A$$ about nuthin. Its comes from narrow minded people who insinuate its from one town!!

    I come from Akron, and I spend much of my time picking stuff up anywhere I see it. Most of my posts have been about littering...AND I'm SICK OF IT TOO!! I even mailed the local DNR with no response of course. They will probably say they don't have the resources to up hold the litter money!!

    I've gone as far as tying bags to gaurd rails with a few things in it to try and give an example....But idiots still don't give a damn! They should give anyone with a fishing license the authority to do a "citizens arrest"
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    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    One other thing to keep in mind, A while back I posted about an area I was scouting and a guy came along and asked what I was up to. He then informed me that it was his property and that he no longer allowed people to there because of all the trash left behind. He was down there to pick up trash so I grabbed a bag and joined him. We talked about what ever and he was a real cool guy. After we finished up he invited me to fish his stretch any time and he would remember my car and stop down and say hello. I think our efforts go along way and are appreciated by alot people despite the the jack ass's that polute. I also was scouting a spot on the east fork the other day right along the road and there was a sign that said private property but it was ok to fish but please pick up your trash. I can see a no trespassing sign pop up if the land is not respected. It is such a simple act that I just don't get it. To property owner on EF thank you for the opportunity to fish on you property. It is appreciated. S
  13. I don't like the trash one bit either. I have never littered and always clean up when done. No Wake, to assume that the idiots that are littering are from Akron is a little far fetched. Your post is a little offensive and not appreciated by those of us from Akron that don't litter. I think I know where you are going with that post but still it gives Akron residents a bad name when you put it in that context. You know what they say about the word ASSUME. Thanks.
  14. You wanna see something really disgusting, take a canoe down any creek that doesn't have liveries on it.

    My buddy came up from West Virginia and since I'm usually too broke to blow money on entertainment I took him canoeing down Killbuck Creek north of Wooster. The first log jam we came to was caused by one fallen tree. Normally, I'd just go up to it, get on the log and lift the canoe over it. In this case, there were bottles, tires, bags, and whatever else blocking up the stream for at least 20 feet before the fallen tree. and it wasn't just on the top. We tried to go through the trash and up to the tree but it was solid junk to the bottom of the creek. I couldn't have bagged it and carried it out if I tried.

    The sad part is, the Mahoning River between Newton Falls and Warren is even worse.

    I know in the old days people would throw their crap in the water if they lived close bybecause they couldn't make it to the landfill or whatever, and sometimes things are carried away by floods. My grandma lives on a tributary of Beaver Creek and we're always cleaning up old bottles and other ancient junk from the creek down there, but the stuff I'm seeing floating around is Pepsi bottles, diapers, condoms, Dorito bags, styrofoam bait containers, etc. It's so nasty.

    Kinda wish I had the money to buy a second canoe just for all the garbage I see.
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    There's nothing that will stop the selfish , inconsiderate jerks from littering . I just make sure to take trash bags with me .This way I know that I am part of the solution and not part of the problem . A few OGFers did a clean-up on the Mosquito causeway earlier this year . I had a good time and got to meet some great people . Not to mention help fill the 60+ bags of trash .
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    Not just the causeway! I spent as much time Saturday netting trash as I did fish probably more. We keep bags aboard the boat and never fail to bring trash back. Man thats just the floating kind imagine what sinks?
  17. I'm Tired Of Picking Up Trash From Others Too. I Always Take A Trash Bag Out In The Boat And When I See A Floater I Pick It Up. The Worst Is When You Pick Up A Pop Bottle And Its Full Of Urine, What Kind Of Yoyo Does This?
  18. I'm On The Lakes 5 Days A Week Or Better And I Just Net All The Trash I Find Which Is Alot. Our Best Bet Is To Hope The Park Rangers Catch These Guys And Fine Them Big, But Regardless What Happens Its Good For Us To Keep Our Lakes Clean. You Want To See A Nice Lake Go To Saltfork, I Doubt The Litter Bugs Would Litter There. Esox 23 Cleaning One Lake Up At A Time.
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    Good point Viper,
    Heres what bothered me recently, I decided to go down south to Wheeling WV for a day when I passed the Lock on the Ohio that was disgusting, All the trash had built up along the gates, They were using cranes to sweep it...thats disgusting... what our race must look like in natures eyes.
  20. If the litterers (litteratzi?) are from Akron, then they are driving a long way to dump their trash. Columbus is the same way and its not just the fishing areas. This is one of the most litter filled cities in the US. I was behind a car at a light the other day and a can came sailing out. I put the car in park, got out, picked it up and walked up to the driver's window. "Excuse me," I said, "but I think you dropped this." The lady was so shocked, she just reached out and took it from me. Afterwards I realized that I was lucky that I didn't get shot or punched.

    I've pulled Orange road barrels, shopping carts, freeway signs, tires, garden hose, a broken Big Wheels, a small safe (empty dammit), license plates, and all the other stuff mentioned in others postings from the Olentangy here in C-bus.
    I guess it's the "I am the only person in the world" syndrome that we seem to have in America today.