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Just getting a chance to post this but-

Not sure how many of you have seen the news or noticed first hand that Trash Cans have been removed from Caesars Creek State Park.

As a means of saving money, the trash cans were removed so visitors will have to bring their own trash bags, etc. and carry out your garbage. The park service says they will have people go around and clean up the park of any litter left behind (not a savings). They will even sell you trash bags! How many people bring a trash bag with them??? Really.

Anyway, last Saturday morning after fishing, I took my disabled son in to use the restroom at the Furnas Shores ramp and trash was piled in the stalls so high I had to move it just so I could get him in to use the disgusting facility. There were bugs, ants etc. everywhere. I should've taken a picture of it. Since he is disabled we don't have many options at times as to where or when we need to use a restroom.

I'm mad as hell about this situation. Soon, if not already, litter will blow into the lake and woods around the lake and it won't be fit to use. Boaters that generate trash on their boats will inevitably leave it in the restroom or in the parking lot, etc. It's already a problem. WE ALL NEED TO CONTACT THE PARK SERVICE AND LET THEM KNOW THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.:mad:
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