Franklin County, 2679 Woodley Rd, Columbus 43231 (Minerva Park)

EDIT - Price reduced. I'll break them up. Minimum purchase $30. $2 for long springs and jumps, $2.50 for coils and 110's (110's all Victor for sure), $2 for colony. $2 each if you take them all and I'll drop another $20 off the total. 70ish traps left. Unattached stakes go with last coils sold. New 110 triggers go with worst 110's, one is missing a prong. Sold some at yard sale. The guy wanted the rusty ones which I marked out below and 3-5 others which at least a couple were coils and I think at least one was a #3. (I was really busy with yard sale customers and not paying attention.) I'll do a recount if there is interest.

The following are almost certainly all Victors
11 - #1 1/2 long spring
5 - #1 1/2 jump
3 - #2 long spring
10 - # 1 long spring
2 - # 1 jump
7 - # 2 coil spring
7 - # 1 1/2 coil spring
2 - # 3 or 2 1/2? no name coil spring
24 - # 110 conibear, 1 w/stablizer, and two new in package triggers
7 - very nice homemade colony traps (cage traps where I'm from)
Another brand forget name 2 words maybe last word Springs
17 - # 1 long spring
1 - 1 1/2 long spring
2 - 1 1/2 or 1 jump

maybe four to six rebar stakes
couple of helper springs
Everything is in good shape, off-brand never dyed and have a just right coat of rust to dye, others were kept dyed but last waxed a long time ago and need old wax removed IMO. I'll reluctantly break them up, if necessary, but though they will still be a deal, they won't be $2.75 each. I can send a couple of pictures.

I'm OK with dibs for Thurs/Fri pick-up/payment but I'll shame you if you ghost me and impact potential opportunity for someone else. 1st come, first serve at yard sale. Will post more stuff tomorrow afternoon/evening after I take pics and figure out rules better. Lures, 6" auger, inexpensive big boards w/ releases, etc. 2 more posts, 6 more items or lots...Hmm Regards, Jim