trapping creek chubs

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  1. Procraftboats21

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    how many of you guys use these for bait?
  2. PapawSmith

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    When I was younger with no real responsabilities (7 kids ago) my absolutely favorite method of summertimer fishing was tossing a couple rods out with softball bobbers and creek chubs. The biggest bass, pike, and dogfish I've ever caught came that way. Creek chubs work way beter than shiners. I used to net them in the pigeon river or buy them for $2.40 per dozen. That was a couple years ago. The bigger the better. An absolute freakin' blast.

  3. alan farver

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    i started using them on live bait jig heads with a stinger hook on the ohio river.using bigger ones sure cut down on all the small eyes you catch.and they are very tough
  4. snake69

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    What bait do you all use in your traps to catch them? O rmaybe I should say, what is the best bait?
  5. i use em for channel cats! all the time

    I use a seine net to catch mine though
  6. alan farver

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    i use dog bones.they seem to hold up better then bread or crackers
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  8. Procraftboats21

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    yeah bread works but doesnt hold up well
  9. I read some where using cheese in a trap does pritty good........Rich
  10. it seems to me like it dosent really matter what you put in there any kind of food. dog food even works.
  11. I used to catch chubs when I was a kid like this........Take a softball size stone and wet it with water, then coat the rock with flour, Then place the rock in your minnow trap , set the trap and wait. The flour will stay on the stone for alot longer than you would think. Hope this helps.
  12. hardwaterfan

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    ive had good luck with bread wads, tortilla peices, and cat food wadded up in a peice of white plastic trash bag, poked full of holes, then hung with a twisty-tie from the top of the trap.
  13. used to catch bigger ones with a small hook and corn in the deeper holes in a creek by my house as a kid and it also kept me out of trouble
  14. I use saltines and sardines mashed up and put in a old onion bag and hang in the middle o trap with a quick tie.Love fishing them chubs
  15. I have always taken small stones and made a dough ball of bread around the stone, this keeps the bread on the bottom and in the middle of the trap. I throw a few of the crusts in also so that it floats and as it breaks up it attracts the minnows to the trap. I usually throw the trap out late at night at retrieve it early in the AM. I have caught as many as 50 minnows in a night, which is nice because you can pick out a dozen or so of the size you want and return the rest unharmed. In two years of trapping minnows I have only had one trap stolen and I figure that was more than paid for in what I saved by not buying minnows. I will try dog food some time to see how that works too.