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Trapper John's

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ski, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. Went to trapper johns on Saturday morning at 9am to see if we could canoe the upper trip, but would canoe the lower if it was not available.When we got there, Five canoes were on the trailer and two couples getting in the van getting ready to head up to the upper let off. We excitedly asked the driver if we could hop on and take one of the extra canoes. He said yes. Then he went to ask the other guy who said NO! He said if we didn't have a reservation, then we could not go. He did have several people he was outfitting for the lower, but there was only two of us and we could have been on our way in no time. He again said "NO".
    I was on their website the previous week and it says that the upper trips are weekday only. I figured that they had extra canoes and room in the van, why not let us go?? What would it have taken? Even though we didn't have a reservation, what did it matter? Spare room and canoes already loaded!!

    Poor customer service!!
    WE kept our money,left and waded/fished in the park. Ended up seeing the two couples float past us.
    I'm not sure if that guy was the owner or what, but he rubbed me the wrong way
    I didn't even want to give that guy my money after that!

    Sorry, I had to vent!!

  2. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    What is the web site for Trapper Johns?

    I have not been there before but that does sound like bad customer service..... :confused:

  3. I had a simliar issue myself Sunday morning. Jason, who runs Trapper's said the 12 mile or upper 6 mile is only by reservation during the week or if you arrive prior to 10 am on the weekend. However, Saturday I called to see the best time to get there and an employee said they do not offer it on weekends. I asked for Jason and he explained that they would be too busy to send a van to the upper drop off point on Sunday morning. Well. we arrived about 9 and there was one large party setting out with 2 vans sitting. Why we couldn't go I don't know. They need a more steady policy and stick to it. We should by our own canoes!!
  4. ohhunter, you said it right get your own canoe. Check the paper I see them in there all the time and sometimes there are ones for under a hundred bucks. Also just look around and if you see one sitting in someones yard that looks like it has not been used go up and ask if they want to sell it. I know a guy who got a free boat and trailer by doing that. He drove around Circleville and went down the alleys and side roads and every place he saw an old boat he would ask if the person wanted to sell it. After 3 or 4 people said no they didnt want to sell it he stopped again and the guy said nope I dont want to sell but you can have it, gave him the boat and trailer life jackets and oars. If you have your own canoe you can go whenever and where ever you want, and you can carry it on anything, I used to put mine on top of my little ford escort. Get out there and find one, you will love it.
  5. You may also want to check with some of the canoe and boat rental places at the end of the season. They often times will sell banged up canoes dirt cheap. You need to check carefully for leaks. A couple of buddies did that up around Mohican and got a couple for under 100 bucks. Not the prettiest in the world, but other than the dings nothing wrong with them.
  6. beware- canoing is addictive