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  1. My boats a 17 ft. aluminum. Noticed that on the inside of the transom on both sides next to where the motor mounts, there is some seperation. This is about a foot long & the caulking is split & the aluminum has a gap about 3/8 of an inch. If I push on the back of the transom the gap will close halfway but not completely. What would you guys recommend to fill this up rather than a caulk ? I would like to use something that would bond & strenghthen this. The rest of the transom looks fine & I use a transom saver. I would like to avoid any problems down the road with this. Thanks for any replies.
  2. Was the area that is seperating welded, and it's splitting as well?

  3. No it doesn't look like a weld. The two parts are at right angles. the caulking is old & cracked. Looks like the gap is wider than it has been before.Probably didn't notice it before when the calk wasn't split. I'm hoping I'm not starting to have a transom problem. Should it have some "flex" to it when you push on it ?
  4. What size motor are you running? Can you take a picture of the area and post it?
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    isn't there a CAP on the top of the transom to keep the water from getting in there? sounds (if i get the picture right ) it may have been getting wet for a while. i did put silicone in mine after cutting it down and making new caps for might be able to see where i put new caps on the right and left side where i cut it out to make it wider,

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  6. Would also like to see a picture. I would think any flex in the transom would not be a good thing.
  7. I don't know a ton about boats but caulk does not hold anything together, all it does is seal. A glue may hold it but it sounds like you need to structurally attach the pieces together.
  8. [​IMG]I've got a 50hp on it & it's always covered when not in use. I'll try to post pics.


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    Since the boat is not leaking, I would find someone who is a good TIG welder and weld in some aluminum angle pieces to stiffen and reinforce the transom. Just remember, strengthening something somewhere just puts more stress somewhere else....
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    You got to look underneath. Take the seats out, batteries and tanks. Whatever is in your way. Shuffle underneath on your back with a good flash lite. You should be able to see what is causing it. Theres got to be some type of cross brace connecting the two. Doesn't look to be a major problem, but worth figuring out. Good luck.
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    or your transom is getting weak and pulling away?
  12. Is the boat rated for HP or weight of the attached motor? The cracks look far less than 3/8" from the picture. Perhaps the original caulk bead is 3/8" with some smeared up each side? What is the real gap? Ever have splash area drain holes blocked in winter and have frozen water?

    Some plastic deformation will occur on transoms. It happened on my all welded 16' aluminum Starcraft transom with a motor within rated HP. I filled the widened gap with silicone caulk and started using a transom saver to be sure. I also checked underneath to verify no broken welds, cracked metal, etc. Is there wood in the transom and what is it's condition?

    Just tried to toss out ideas and my experience, hope this helps.
  13. OK, I pulled the batteries & gas tank. This spot has 4 screws that go through a flange on the well & into the transom. Was able to get 2 of them out & the threads are just about gone. Drilled 2 new holes in the flange & sunk 2 new swrews in. The're tight but the gap is the same. I'll put 2 more in near the ones I can't get out. I would still like to put some kind of epoxy like jb weld , but made for aluminum to fill this gap & then caulk over it. Anyone have any ideas? Guy at work says Marine tech has products. Also what actually holds a transom to a boat? Can't be just these screws. Thanks for any help.