Transmission Problem, '94 Achieva

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dinkbuster1, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. inherited my grandmothers '94 olds Achieva, just now got it tagged and on the road. the Tranny has a slight problem though.... when downshifting it makes a hard "Thud" right around 15-12 mph sometimes. also tends to jump out of gear every so ofter when comming to a full Stop after doing a lot of slow "Stop and Go" driving. one last thing it does that i noticed today is when hitting the pedal hard when passing on the highway it makes that initial "Thud" as well. guy at Autozone said it was a "sticking Solenoid" and recomended Seafoams "tranny tune". we dumped it in and drove around for an hour today and it didnt seem to do much good. my questions are, "what is the problem"?, "how much to fix"?, "is it worth fixing"?. even though its older its a super nice car, typical "grandma car". gonna give it a couple days and maybe get an opinion from a tranny shop.
  2. you check the fluid level? what color is the fluid? what size engine? if it needs it i would do fluid and filter change 1st. flush out that seafoam and put some motorkote in there. remember you have to check the fluid level while the tranny is at operating temp. and don't overfill the tranny.