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I've got two lowrance HDS units that I've ran on my boat for the past few years. My HDS 5 is mounted on my bow, and it uses an external transducer which is mounted on my trolling motor. The transducer is 3.5 seasons old, but I definitely have abused it and my trolling motor quite a bit in that period.

Beginning two years ago, I began having problems with my hds5 not reading quickly when I pulled the trolling motor out of the water, ran to another spot, and placed the trolling motor back in the water. It wouldn't read for up to 10-15 minutes, and then it would magically come back on. This year, its given me problems randomly even when it's been in the water for hours at a time...it basically seems to lose a signal.

My transducer was very scratched up on the bottom but it didn't have any gashes or chunks out of it....just light scratches but lots of them. I went ahead and bought a new transducer, hoping this was the source of my hds issues. Guess what...problem 100% solved! I had no idea a transducer could go bad due to scratches/etc. lesson learned.

Sharing this so others can benefit in the future! :good:
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