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  1. Anyone ever tried the Lowrance transducer switch (SB-9BL) ?? I have a transom mounted td that I dont really like the results of when motoring. I am considering getting a shoot thru hull one and mounting it to the bottom of the boat in the bilge but keeping the transom mounted one. This switch would allow me to go back and forth between the shoot thru and transom mount.

    The shoot thru is only 200 hz, the transom one is 50/200 dual frequency, I never use the 50 hz because Lake Erie is not deep enough for that but . . .
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    If you ever find someone who has a switch in stock let me know.I Have ordered 3 in the last 6 months and they have all been put on back order.

  3. I ordered one from who said they had it in stock. We'll see . . .

    What were you going to use one for ???
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    Why bother? Since you said that you don't need the dual frequency capability why not just go to the shoot-thru and leave it at that? Take the transom mount piece off and never look back. No fouling issues, rooster-tails, loss of signal at speed and the myriad of other issues I've seen with transom-mounts. Why more people don't go with shoot-thrus is beyond me. After I made the switch I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner.

    Eliminate the extra wiring and hassle and go with one. What's the point of having two? You'll likely stop using the transom unit after you enjoy the performance of the shoot-thru.

  5. I have never used a shoot thru and dnk how well it will work. I assume if I mount it correctly (does it epoxy to the bottom of the boat ?) I should not have any trouble with it.

    I have a fiberglass boat and assume I can mount it anywhere there is a flat surface to attach it to.

    If these assumptions are wrong let me know. The switch is over $100. and if I dont have to use it I can always waste er. . . spend the money somewhere else on the boat.
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    Tigergps was one of the outfits that told me they had it in stock.They Lied!you may have a long wait.