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  1. with an aluminum boat will the transducer perform best mounted to the outside or glued inside the boat?
  2. PhotoGuy I have had about 10 or so different locaters on my aluminum boat over the years and have never had any proublems mounted on the outside.If it is a rivited hull which mine is try and mount them in the smothest part of the hull other wise dont worry about it. i have three tranducers on mine now. Tight lines FISHGUY PS Also if you mount it on the inside and use a epoxy it is there forever you cant remove it.

  3. You don't have any choice but to mount on the outside, unless you buy Vexilar's special transducer. It's the only one that is made to shoot through aluminum, that I'm aware of.
  4. You can either mount it on your trolling motor with hose clamps or the back of your boat. I would rather mount it on the back, as I did when installing my new humminbird side imaging unit.

    Just make sure you pick a spot far from the prop and make sure the spot is also not in line with any rivets at the bottom to avoid the transducer being exposed to some turbulent flow. Just do your best to mount it in line with the flatter part of the bottom of your boat, away from the prop.
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    Turn your wheel full lock to full lock, draw a line to where your further prop blade ends up being and mount outside of that line, the other guys are right on the money about the flow and the rivets, mount the ducer as far down on the transom as possible so you can mark fish when on plane. if you a walleye fisherman that is very important.