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    Just got a Jack a Shitz for my 6yr. daughter. Need some advise on training the pup to use the outdoors . Would like to bypass the whole paper training if posssiable. What ways has worked for some of you ? Is a cage the way to go ? Thanks for any advise
  2. Limit the food and water and take them outside every 30 mins or so. When they go praise them. Before you take it outside ask it if it has to potty or what ever term you want to use. Do that everytime and it will eventually pick up that word and understand to a point what you mean. Also if you are crate training (cage training) block off some of the cage if you can so that way it's not peeing in the back and sleeping in the front. You will have lots of problems if it's doing that. Remember it doesn't want to sleep in it's waste any more than you want to sleep in yours. ;) Good Luck.

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    Last night the pup was whining. Soooooo the wife place him in bed with us. Needless to say i woke up in its waste:mad: .Almost didn't need to ask this question today . Not really love the pup just need to get him trained Thanks for the advise
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    let the pup whine, letting it out when it whines, trains it to whine so that you'll let it out.
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    This is dead on - getting the pup out when it whines - the pup is training her!

  6. like fishintiger said get a crate then if he can move around in it block off the back. We trained our Yorky with a cage crate and he would do his thing in the back and sleep up front. I took card board and blocked off a little over half the cage and it worked. After about 2 weeks or so he would hold it or bark if he has to go that bad. He still uses it to sleep in but we don't need to close the door anymore. Make sure you take him out before you and the pup goes to bed.
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    As far as training him to go out, we put a bell on our door that hangs down. When we would want to let him out we would take his paw and hit the bell then open the door and take him to yard. Once he does his business we praise him and give him a treat. It did not take much time at all for him to get the idea that if he hits the bell we let him out. Hope this helps....Stretch
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    I agree with all of you on the whining part. Pup was not caged at the time it was whining .Still getting used to being alone .Its only the second night in the house. Got a couple of pm;s also Everyone agrees on one thing. The cage is the way to go . This whining thing My wife does this to me a lot and i give in all the time . Dam it!! I just realized she has me trained :eek:
    Thanks littleking/sporty for pointing that out to me ;)
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    Thanks for the pm
    This bell thing is a cool idea
  10. Where is the pups cage at? Our dog whined all the time at night when it was sleeping away from us. Once we put her cage in our room she stopped whining at night. You might try a wind-up alarm clock or a warm water bottle for it to sleep by. Either of these will remind them of a their mom or the other pups in the litter.

    Don't use the crate for punishment. The pup won't like being in there if it is used as punishment. Our dog goes in her cage and sleeps with the door open in the mornings and sometimes during the day if she wants to "get away". She is in her cage during the day when we are gone and all night. She doesn't like to be out of her cage if we are not home.

    My dad uses this with his dogs and it is pretty neat to see a dog do that. Just wait until it wants to go outside and just keeps bumping the bell. :D
  11. Crate is the only way to go.

    Should be just big enough for the dog to stand & turn around. For your dog, that's pretty small. (Personally prefer the wire cage over the plastic travel crate.) Fishintiger is dead-on: Keep the crate in your bedroom. You may have to endure a little whining @ first, but the pup will quickly feel like part of your "pack." Free bonding time as you sleep!

    Treat the dog (cookie, etc.) & praise him as he goes into the crate. It's a party in there & he's the guest of honor! NEVER use it as punishment. Our youngest, almost 4, still runs to his crate, noses the door open & waits inside patiently when told to "go to bed" because he's got a treat coming.

    The dog goes outside to do his business immediately before bed, very FIRST thing whenever he awakes & any time he's been active in the house. Carry a young pup to the grass, as they have limited bladder control & can pee in the blink of an eye.

    Use a command that the dog will identify as his "potty" command. Our dogs all use "hurry up" & the 2 females quickly squat even if they don't need to go. Very handy in crummy weather.

    Praise him (Yes, your neighbors will think you're crazy.) & treat him for a successful visit to the grass. One of our females would sprint to the grass, squat w/hurried determination & sprint back for her treat. Pretty funny in a clumsy young puppy.

    You'll find that if you develop a routine, the dog goes on your schedule & you won't need to worry about him "telling you" that he needs to go.
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    all good advise.i never tried the bell thing,but never really had to.the few dogs i kept in the house learned to go to the door and bark when they wanted out,or when they wanted back in.
    and believe it or not i had a cat that would do the same by meowing.i never was a cat person,but the ex got this one and i will not have a litterbox in the house.but this cat was so smart he learned the trick on his own.he would also come whenever i called his name and understood many other words/commands. absolutely the coolest cat i've ever seen:cool:
    sorry to hijack your dog discussion,but it reminded me of my old buddy jake:)
  13. Another thing. Pick a spot along the edge of the yard or better yet the woodline if available and take the pup there everytime to potty. Eventually they will just always go there on their own and you won't be stepping in mines all over the yard when mowing.

    A buddy of mine did this and I plan to do as well with my next lab.
  14. The bell trick works great - I have a 6 month old boston terrier that uses it. However, it's better to get the dog comfortable with the idea of going outside to 'do work' before implementing the bell trick. Once the pup gets the idea you want it to do the deed outside then bring in the bell so he/she can tell you when they want to go.

    As stated before crate training is the way to go. Puppies won't want to make a mess of their beds. The idea is to make it a place they feel comfortable and want to be. There are plenty of different ways to accomplish that. Just never use it as punishment!

    The basics of the crate are - make pup happy and cozy in the crate. Then after a designated amount of time take the pup out and give it the 'do work' command. If he/she doesn't go put them back in the crate for another designated block of time. Repeat until the pup goes. Once they have gone give them supervised play time out of the crate for an hour or so. Rinse and repeat. I think the basic rule of thumb is that a puppy can hold it 1+ hour for every month old they are.
  15. Lot of good information. Take him out immediatly after he eats. I have 3 dogs and as soon as the (slowest one) 12 yr old collie is done eating they go outside. When they come back in they get a treat. The collie will bark to go out or just pace back and forth. The Lab will sit and look at me. The Jack-a-poo will go to the back door and lay down any other time they have to go.