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  1. Here's a list on trailers i have for sale

    14,000 GVW 18ft dovetail priced at 3500.00 out the door with title with new wheels and tires,ramps,pressure wood deck,with brakes, Very heavy duty built! Color (Black)

    10,000 GVW priced at 2995.00 18ft dovetail Thats out the door with a title. It is new with brakes new wheels and tires with pressure wood deck with ramps Very nice trailer! Color (Black)

    You can email me at

    Trailers are loc in Dayton ohio

    Have a few 16 and 18 Utility trailer also everthing is new!

    I will try to post pic later to night. Thanks Mark[url=][img][/img][/url]
  2. 5Cent


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    How's that Duramax running? You still have it?

    I'm actively looking for a trailer, but need to unload an ARE cap and a Bully Dog Power Pup for LB7 (see post in classifieds for ARE cap).

    If you have any interest for purchase/trade on either of the two let me know, or any customers that you could possibly pass on to? I have it posted on craigslist if you need information/pics/price.

    Let me know.


  3. Adam

    Are you the guy i meet up up in kent ohio that was lookin to buy my edge box?

    Yeah i still have my truck lol its a duramax how could i sale that lol... I did sale the edge though got some real power now lol.

    About the trailers let me know what you need and ill see if i have any in stock

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    Nope, we've never met. You were trying to sell the truck (I thought) or had some issues with it and directed you towards at one time.

    So you running EFI live?
  5. Bump to top. These are some nice trailers
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    How much for the 16 foot utility trailer? Is it a tandem axel? Thanks.
  7. Yes it is Tandem axel with one brake 1795.00

    Ill send you a pm with more info on this