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  1. The transom on my outboard powered boat sticks out about 1' from end of trailer. The trailer appears to be completely adjustable. Would it be better to move the winch post forward & adjust height of rollers to move transom so it's over the rear frame of trailer & resting of the rollers? The tongue weight is low, one arm can lift & hold it up.


  2. Sounds to me like it should be moved forward. I believe the rule on tongue weight is 10% of gross weight. Too little tongue weight will cause the trailer to fish tail behind you at highway speeds.

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    my 1st question is how heavy is your motor? 2nd one, whats your boat made of. i did move mine forward, my transon has 2 motors on it and it was hanging over about 8 inches. its completely on the bunks now. i dont think it can hurt to support it more if you can.
  4. Johnson 115 hp weighs about #350 on a 16' fiberglass bowrider. Thanks.
  5. This link is general trailering info but it may be helpful with setting up yours. It supports what Snobal mentioned on tongue weight ratio.

    Trailer Towing Tips
  6. I don't have a good guess on the total weight on that setup but it seems to me that the 10-15% tongue weight on that should be a real strain to hold up. I have a 16' aluminum that is not a real heavy boat and I am not sure if I could even hold mine up. I am guessing I may be at least on the high side of the 15% but I have never checked it.
  7. My rough guess is that you would want to be up somewhere around 200# tongue weight. It doesn't sound like you are close to that. I think you have the right idea to move it forward on the trailer. Another consideration is to redistribute the contents inside the boat if you are carrying much weight to/from water. Extra gas cans, coolers, etc. can make a significant difference in the distribution if you shift them forward.
  8. The boat weighs #1,200, motor #350, trailer #460. I figure tongue weight should be #175-#200. It has never given me any problems, tows great. My biggest worry is too much weight on back of hull bottom instead of under transom where it has strength to support it. Motor is coming off to get fixed this weekend, I figure now's the time to set up trailer since it will weigh much less.
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    id move it forward. now i know what the set up is. just make sure the front of the hull has some support too.
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    while tongue weight is important as mentioned,you also need clearance between winch post and tow vehicle for turning.moving the post forward too far could impede turning and hit the vehicle in tight turns.moving it would be the thing if it doesn't cause that problem.i have a similar problem wit mine,but i don't think i can move it it that far without the creating the other problem:(
    my rig is light(600 totalat most),so i don't know how much the change in tongue weight would matter.
  11. Another thing to check. Are you using a transom saver? If so that will be lifting and supporting a good portion of the motor weight down on the trailer frame. With a motor that heavy you really don't want to have it bouncing on the transom in transport as it could be bad on the transom itself.
  12. I have 30"-36" between coupler & post. I have even wondered about cutting some of that off as length of trailer causes difficulty in tight spaces like my driveway. I think trailer didn't come with boat new & was designed for a boat longer than 16'.
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    with that clearance it's possible you could move it without a problem.i don't think i have that much to work with and i think mine hangs over more than a foot.luckily it's a small light boat with only a 9.9 hanging on it.
    my biggest problem is the winch handle hitting the powerdrive motor mount when winching the boat up partners hate it when they forget that and mash their fingers on that sharp edge:D