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  1. The tires on my trailer don't hold air very long and I suspect it has something to do with the rims being old, rusty and all ding'd up. Can I replace them with regular 5-hole rims from any tire outlet? Or is there such thing as marine grade rims? Tire size is P165 80R13.
  2. make up some soapy water, put air in the tires and check for sure where your leaks are. It may save you alot of trouble and expense unless you want new shiny ones anyways. Could be as simple as a valve core.

  3. I would bet it is rust and pitting where the bead seals,,you could remove the tires and clean the rims if they are not to bad,,,trailer rims are load rated ,,I think 13'' ones are around 1650lbs ,,,you could check a tire shop and see what the auto rims are rated for 13'' I would bet they are the same for smaller size tires,,,,when you get into large trailers they are different
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    Please use "trailer" rims as they are built for the load.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I forgot to mention the last time I had new tires mounted (2 yrs ago) the mechanic said the rims were looking pretty poor (bent) and I should think about replacing them. I'll do the dishsoap test first to be sure its not a valve.

    I didn't realize rims were load-rated just like tires. Learn something new every day. Thanks again.
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    Check out Tractor Supply. They have rims with tires on them already. Just take in your size and pick them up.
  7. The local Wal-Mart has tires already mounted on the rims also.
  8. Might want to put in tubes or your tubes may have gone bad.