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Trailer Wheel Bearings

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by dblbrldave, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. I purchased a boat & trailer 2 yrs ago and have only wiped the grease out of hubs and bearings each year and repacked them. I want to replace them this year.
    The question I have is are the bearing races supposed to be pressed all the way into the hub against the lip or should they be set somewhere inbetween? The old ones were not set all the way in. I have to replace the seals aech year and about half way through the summer the grease starts to leak out the back of the hub.
    single axle no brakes TeeNee trailer 12" wheels.
    Any advise or links to online info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Doctor

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    The races should seat all the way down, I also clean and repack mine each year and inspect for grooves and pits, but I always replace the seals every year, the bearings should last for a long time with regular maintenance.

  3. Usually there's a shoulder in the hub that the race sits against when it's fully seated. Same with the seal, you usually want to tap it in until it stops against its shoulder in the hub, but no further so as to not damage it. Also unless you have a special tool, I'd recomend a brass drift to drive the races in. Brass is softer than the steel the races are made of so when you slip off the races edge across the bearing surface, you're less likely to scar the race. One other trick with your seals, take a little wheel bearing grease on your finger and rub it on the rubber lip of the seal and onto the suface it seals against on the spindle. This will provide some inital lubrication to the seal and help keep it from wearing/tearing prior to grease from the hub getting to it. Your hubs may be different, but that's how I've always done wheel bearings on both my cars and trailers.

  4. Thanks for the input. I thought they should seat all the way in.
    Looking at it though, it seems as though the cotter pin will not engage the nut because the bearings will be to far in. The axle is straight with a lip at the inside where the seal rides on the larger diameter portion. It looks like when I seat the race the seal will need sit farther in the hub and hub may actually ride against the steel beyond the shaft.

    Should there be any spacer washers in the hub assembly???

    I have been looking for a brass a dowl but have not been able to find one. Any suggestions on where to locate one?

    I will try moving the races all the way in.

    Thanks for the info