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  1. I have a burnt out trailer on the side by the fender. I looks to be a sealed unit. Do I have to replace the whole thing or can I pry it open to get into it. It failed and there is water inside of it.


    Also..... where you I find a new one? Sorry for being lazy.
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    i would go with a new set of led's and end those light bulb troubles. had mine for 2 years and don't even bother to unplug them.

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    put the boat away for the season. you've depleted the walleye population off cleveland enough:p .lol..just kidding

    id go with led's too. when i get a burnt bulb i go to tractor supply and get the led replacement unit. only got 3 more to replace and the whole trailer will be leds. led are suppose to last for 100,000 hours.
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    I have the similar type on my trailer. In my case, I guess a bump jarred the one bulb loose. (2 bulbs in sealed unit) Tried to pry it open and broke it. Called the Fisher company and had a replacement in 3 days for $7. In fact, when I found out it was only $7, I had them send me two.
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    I just replaced one of mine (the whole unit, not just bulb). Got it, plus a spare, at Norton Marine. Less than $10 for both.
  6. If it's got water in it you sure can't hurt it any more than it already is John. You might get lucky. If not oh well. I'll trade you a new unit for some of those lures you make. lol
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    4 years ago I converted my trailer over to LEDS, have never had a problem since, chuckholes were filament busters with the old lights, got the LEDS off of Ebay they have 65 lights in them, so they are bright, when we have a convoy of boats going someplace I'm always the last boat, lights are so bright others can't stand to follow the trailer, I know it lights up the ramp if I'm backing down in the dark mornings, LEDS are the only way to go..........Doc