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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Fishpro, Jul 8, 2007.

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    O.k., I have turn signals and brake lights, but no running lights on my trailer. I checked the wires and found one cut and fixed it. I replaced the bulbs and still don't have running lights. Any ideas on what I could be overlooking? The ground is pretty rusted, should I take a wire brush to that? Could that be the problem?
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    99 % of all trouble is the ground , but i would check your plug comming out of your vehicle first ,then work backwards. are your side markers working? i just had a problem and found out that if i use my trailer bunk hardware for my ground it works much better and will not rust.

  3. misfit

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    i'd make sure the ground is good,but check the brown wire again for bad spots.if brake/turns are working,it's possible/likely the common to the tails is bad somewhere.
  4. I just had the exact opposite problem. I had running lights and nothing else. I did a search on this forum, and just as freyed said, 99 percent of the time it is the ground. I had brushed a half dollar sized area clean to bare metal for the basic ground, but still had the problem. (BTW the lights were working fine last year-havent used this trailer this year).

    As suggested on previous posts here, and from a friend who is an electrician, I ran a seperate ground from the brown wire at the lights directly into the white wire which runs into the plug for the trailer. Solved the problem.

    I would like to add, I really appreciate all of the info I have received from the members here. I have learned alot. The small details can mean everything.

    Good luck Pro, hope this helps.
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    Thanks guys, I'll go out here after dinner and check those wires again.;)