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Trailer lights??

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by firetiger, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. When i have no lights on the brakes and turn signals work fine. But when i run with my headlights on the trailer lights work but as soon as i step on the brakes all my lights go out on my trialer. Well they are very dim i should say they almost have no light . trailer works fine as long i dont brake. lol when runing with my headlights on. Could anybody help me on this. Bad ground somewhere maybe? The wires are not cris crossed. Thanks for any help

  2. peon

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    sounds like a bad ground... when i got my boat its wires were messed up bad on my trailer so i stripped them off and put all new lights and wires on it .. i would recomend to do that if they are old...

  3. crappiebub

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  4. I know theres alot of splices,electrical tape,differnt color wires hooked to differnt color wires. Its a mess but they did work last outing and times before. until now. Its gootta be a ground. Thanks for the quick replys

  5. UFM82

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    I have seen it all- trailers are an integral part of my business and I have seen almost every problem at least once. A typical 4 wire trailer harness is bad enough sometimes but add electric brakes and a breakaway battery trickle charger circuit and you have a real cluster sometimes.

    My advice to anyone who has a trailer that has light issues and has a less than perfect harness. Go to Wally World or wherever and buy new wiring. Get the nice 4 way bonded trailer wire and redo your entire trailer. Use waterproof shrinkwrap on any joints, grommets at any metal contact point and heat-sealing connectors on any joints. If you do the job correctly, I guarantee you wil have no issues in the future other than the occasional blown bulb.

    Be absolutely certain your ground is 100% and permanent. Grounds make my shop a LOT of money. People just don't understand how it effects everything else.

  6. I've seen a blown bulb cause this kind of problem as well. Those bulbs have two filaments and if one blows it can get across the other one and cause problems like you're describing.
  7. peon

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    there is no way i would replace a bulb or even fix a ground on the trailer... id replace the whole set up.. you can buy for about 20-25 bucks all new wires with everything you need and lights... thats what i did... my mess of wires sounded like you said your are.. but in the mess of tape i had wires pull apart.. DONT EVER USE TAPE buy connectors.. i do use tape... but only to hold clusters of wires together out of the way.... tape is good for a quick non permanent fix.. i just hate to see tape being used instead of connectors that cost only a few bucks!!! sorry to rant on about tape usage.. just dont want to see anyone mess up and use it.... :D
  8. Well all i had to do is run a wire brush around my ball. bad ground at trailer/truck lol thats it. But like u guys say ill rewire tthe whole thing once i make it to wal-mart.


  9. peon

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    never knew the connection at the ball and trailer tounge was part of the grounding... hmm...
  10. My trailer lights do the same thing like i first stated when i dont have the trailer hooked up. I have to have my trailer hooked on the ball for my brakes to work while my running lights are on. Before i brushed the ball off the trailer was hooked up and well.. u know. Maybe somebody can learn from my experience sometime. Now i hope not to be pulled over on the way home from tappen this time.
  11. peon

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    are all trailer set ups work the same as that..
  12. Someone else is gonna have to jump in for that question
  13. misfit

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    optimally,the ground should be continued through the harness,to the tow vehicle.lots of people(including yours truely)don't always do that.grounding through the hitch can and does create a problem when good contact is not maintained.that's why the lights worked after cleaning the ball.but i can almost gaurantee it won't be a permanent fix ;)
    that's why i need to hook my ground back to my truck like it was :D
  14. peon

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    the kit i bought only had a ground wire on the trailer side.. and i used a self tapping screw and put it on the tounge of the trailer... how else or what should i have done.... thats what the paper to me to do...
  15. misfit

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    that works.but you can run the ground from there right along with the rest of the wiring,right to the vehicle frame,also.
  16. peon

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    how do you go about that... seeing the wire pulg in has no ground wire on the truck side.... i think at least...???
  17. misfit

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    in that don't ;)