Trailer Light Problem

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Buckeye Ron, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. I had my left rear light taken off by an unknown up at Turtle Creek. Got the replacement light and put it on and everything was working fine until this past weekend. I don't have any running lights going down the highway. I have brake lights, turn signals work fine and flasher work fine but no running lights. Can anyone give me an idea of what to look for to fix the problem?
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    if none of the marker.tailights are working,check the brown wire for breaks/bad connections.that feeds all those lights.

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    get a simple test light ($5.00) and test the leads comming out of your stated above the brown one.
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    had the same problem a few weeks ago. come to find out it was the adaptor that changes the 4 flat into a round connector to hook to the vehicle. i just pulled it apart and wire brushed it, then applied electrictians grease(the clear stuff) no more problems.
  5. Check ground also by taking your test light and clipping one end to a good ground on car the stab the frame of the trailer with the running lights on, the test light should NOT lite if ground is good, if it lights you have open ground, I have seen some where there is no wire ground though the plug and people rely on a ground though the hitch which can be intermittent.
  6. Nothing was wrong with the trailer wires or connections. We had no juice coming out of my Santa Fe. Followed lines up into the side of the back area, pulled up a storage compartment and followed the lines. Large pack that had wires coming from electrical system of care and then junctioned out to the trailer wires. Pulled that out and put the brown wire down to test and bingo, running lights. So carefully put them back where they had been and they still worked so hopefully wont have to do that again.;) I guess a wire got pinched in such a way that the current wasn't going through it. Thanks again for helpful suggestions.:)